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seeking Writing & Pitch Partner to Polish & shop around Sci-Fi series

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I am an aspiring screenwriter with a goal of writing for TV. I have a polished pilot that I have been entering into competitions and posting on review sites around the internet. I think it is ready to be shopped around.  However, I am a new writer, so I would like to partner with a more seasoned writer to help me perfect my script, make it ours, and get it made. I have a 60-page pilot and a thorough series bible already written. If the logline below peaks your interest, please submit a writing sample and a cover letter stating your qualifications and intent. Thanks!


Logline:  A re-imagining of the classic Robin Hood tale, set just after World War III and the proceeding nuclear apocalypse.  Veterans and brothers Rob and Tuck struggle to keep peace and order in a destitute shanty town of survivors whilst fighting against its villainous and brutal dictator.