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Hi, everyone. My name is Michael Narracott, and I am a young aspiring screenwriter from the Gold Coast, Australia. A life-long passion for writing and storytelling has inspired me to turn a hobby into a career. Because of this, I spent 18 months working with a literary agency in New York, honing and developing my writing skills, in a variety of different genres.  

What I'm looking for:

I am in need of a writing collaborator to work with me in developing several projects.  They are all in vastly different genres. My strength is the ability to come up with orginal and exciting stories, and I am strong with dialogue, but I need someone to fill in the gaps, so to speak. I am located on the Gold Coast, but if you are not, it does not matter.

Currently, I have three scripts on the go; an adventure/drama, a drama, and a family/comedy/animated feature. All of which are high quality, but incomplete. More detail will be provided once contact is made. Any and all profits made from said scripts will be split down the middle.

Please send a resume/samples of your work, and mention which project you wish to collaborate with, if not all of them.  I am also open to hearing about your own projects, if you'd like to share. I am extremely easy to work with. I love a cold beer, and never wear matching socks.