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Loyola Marymount MFA Student Seeks Bilingual (Spanish) Co-writer

Paid Gig
I'm seeking an bilingual (Spanish) screenwriter for a MFA thesis film at Loyola Marymount University. My story is unique as it is a magical-realism take on an Afro-Latino boy's border crossing. Knowlegde of the Afro-Latino/a experience / can write from that perspective is mandatory.

As I am a student, I unfortuantely do not have the funding I would love to give to a deserving screenwriter. However, it is a great, imaginative story that touches on social issues. I have done years of research on the child's border crossing perspective.  I have also worked with No More Death (a humanitarian aid group) camping in the Sonoran desert to provide life saving aid to those in need. Although I am not Latina, I am very invested in this topic, working many years to bring this story to life. It is dear to me and the reason I went to graduate school-- all to get it produced.

I have completed a treatment and previous drafts, so you wouldn't have to work form scratch. I'm interested in having your perspective on this, as I am a positive collaborator. I promise it will be a project you've never done before, and you'll be happy with the results. It will be produced and completed by May 2018. I will provide logline and further description on main upon request. Please contact if interested in collaboration. I hope to hear from you soon.