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Draft Writer Needed for Action Thriller with Sports Elements

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I'm a producer and an award-winning screenwriter. I'm in need of a writing partner for an action-thriller feature script.  I would love to find someone who has some knowledge or experience with sports, specifically parkour and gymnastics as well as experience within the action, crime, mystery and drama genres

The project already has a WGA registered synopsis.

Here is the (draft) logline: Two young athletes, one Russian and one American, become friends as they struggle against a team of vendetta-seeking killers. 

I am looking for a writer who can help bring life to the logline and synopsis. I'm searching for someone driven and super creative, someone who understands and appreciates the collaborative process, and someone who is willing to work as hard as I do. I would prefer to hire a produced writer who is able to start and build out from the concept which, at this point, is more of a general plot than a full synopsis.

Please send a 1 page introduction letter. 

NB: $1,000 upfront + $4,000 after the completion the second draft.  Completion of the 1st draft will include a polish after I give you my notes. Payment guarantee will also come with a signed agreement. There is no yet a guarantee that this project will find a home and get green lit, this is a spec script.

Best regards,


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