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True Story Adaptation Docudrama: African Americans WWII

Paid Gig
We are seeking a seasoned screenwriter to help us create a proof of concept true docudrama project based on the powerful story of African Americans in WWII and time periods between 1940-1968.  It is a spec project with no pay up front.  Pay will happen once the sale is made or some time after we finish the proof of concept. You will be co-writing the sizzle script with a production team.

If you're interested, please send over your credits and your preference in genres/style of writing.  Only credited writers will be considered, but you do not need to be a WGA writer or based in any specific location (working remotely is fine). 

More information will be provided to you, should there be a fit.  Only submit to this writing gig via the ISA web site.  Direct emails will not be considered.