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Co-Writer for Inspirational, Feel-Good Family Fantasy Animated Film

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Always Another Story Productions is looking for a co-writer to join our writing team to recast some of the characters from a previously-written feature to a new story, which we will pitch to major studios. The goal is to finish the story concept and a pitch extract by August 2018. Our team will be available to shoot this pitch sometime in September.

The writing team and the crew live on Long Island, New York, but it is NOT a requirement that you live there. Most collaboration will take place over WebEx/Skype etc. Our team also consists of CG artists who, for the last three years, have developed Pixar quality CG characters for this feature and have worked for the Blender Institute and Amazon Studios developing characters.

The ideal candidate would be someone who has written, but not necessarily sold, a feature screenplay in the same genre. You will be working with the lead writer/producer/director to write an extract. This is a female-centric feature. Parental life experience would be a plus as the story is about a mother’s relationship with her daughter. Most importantly, I need someone who is IMAGINATIVE, CLEVER, and is keenly aware of our audience for this feature.

The intended demographic is the whole family. This collaboration will take place after hours (after 6, but before 10 PM EST) or on the weekends. The online meetings should not take more than an hour at a time. We’re flexible, so that’s all negotiable. We all have day jobs and/or families BUT what we need is someone who can focus on writing independently and collaborate AT LEAST once or twice a week. Character bible development will also be part of the deliverables.

You should expect to review/edit the final draft and storyboards and a shooting script for the pitch. We use Final Draft as our screenwriting tool and we would like anyone on the team to have their own copy for ease of updates.

If a producer shows interest in investing in the concept, we will start writing the actual feature screenplay.  Please submit samples for consideration.  Payment will be deferred upon sale of the film.  Credit is also given.