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Seeking Partner to Develop Memoir (Strong Female Lead) into TV Series

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I am an author with one book published in Germany, still working on the English language version (the US book proposal is available). The book is about a scandal I experienced while working in the US.  I'm looking for an established screenwriter to partner with on developing my memoir into a pilot episode for a TV or Web Series.

Script Pipeline evaluated my story as follows: The documentary and publishing interest in this project feels like it could be strong — the referenced projects in similar veins, as well as the existence of the xxx episode that focuses on this scandal suggests a fit with non-fiction markets, especially when the woman at the heart of the scandal is the one telling her side of the story. TV feels like the medium best suited for the project, but it’s something that likely needs to be developed and pitched as a standalone series rather than adaptation (especially since the English book hasn’t been written yet). This is the kind of project you’d pitch as “based on true events.”

I am seeking an experienced screenwriter who has had some successes and connects with on the material (international scandal - more info will be given after your submission).

Please submit: Resume with cover letter, writing samples and log lines, links to past projects, etc. There will be pay up-front as well as deferred pay and credit.