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Epic Fantasy/Sci-Fi Scripts Needed

Paid Gig

We have an incredible opportunity to present a script to a studio executive. We are seeking scripts in the fantasy/scifi genre. Larger-than-life stories are our target.  Scripts dealing with mythology and/or time travel (parallel or alternate universes) are also welcome. If your script has franchise potential, we consider that a good thing too! 

We are seeking films that are similar to the following:
Pans Labyrinth
The Never Ending Story
The Chronicles Of Narnia
Donnie Darko

We can't make any promises on compensation yet, as we are just going into a studio pitch meeting, but if they are interested, there will be pay.  Be part of the team with us & let's make your script come true!  Please submit a logline & synopsis for consideration.  If we have an interest in your script, we will reach out first. Thank you.

Only submit to this oppertunity through the ISA web site.