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Adaptation Writer Needed for True Story, Jewish Soldier in Post-War Germany

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Novelist seeks an experienced screenwriter to partner with him on a screenplay adaptation of his book, "Assignment to Nuremberg."  The adaptation may take the form of a feature film or TV mini-series.  This is the true story of the challenges and adventures of a Jewish-American soldier who is stationed Nuremberg in 1959.  It's well after WWII, but hostilities are still high.  A more detailed book description can be found below.  The novel is published and can be found on Amazon, here.  Payment will be deferred in the form of shared profits.


Detailed Synopsis:

This is the story of David Streiber, a 19-year-old Jewish-American soldier who is stationed in Germany in January 1959. It is the post-war period, anti-Semitism is still extant in Germany, and Nazi sympathies are still strong. Before he leaves home, he is warned not to get involved with the German people and not to get married. He is stationed at Merrell Barracks in Nuremberg, a former SS Kaserne about a mile from Soldiers' Field, the Nazi Party Rally Grounds. From his barracks window, he can see the Grandstand where Hitler reviewed goose-stepping troops and spoke of global war and the final solution to the Jewish problem. Like most G.I.s, he does get involved with German people and he does have an affair with a German girl who wants to get married. David attends Jewish services at the Palace of Justice where the War Crimes Trials were held after the war. He attends a religious retreat in a hotel in the Bavarian mountains not far from Hitler's chalet, the Nazi leader's own retreat.

The book deals with the most important issues facing American soldiers in that time period: sexual relations with German women, racial conflicts between white and black G.I.s, miscegenation, and German-Jewish reconciliation.