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ISA Verified Producer Seeking Auteur-ist Writer/Director Scripts

Paid Gig

In search of Auteur-ist scripts with a strong vision and bold voice. Something smart and different. We are open to any genre, sub-genre or combination of genres. Think movies akin to those of Tarantino, Paul Thomas Anderson, Lynne Ramsay, Michel Gondry, Jane Campion, Bong Joon-Ho, Darren Aronofsky, Andrea Arnold, Sofia Coppola, etc. Movies that are considered "arthouse" or festival films but with a marketable sensibility and commercial prospects. Scripts that will attract talent due to the strength of the writing and the uniqueness of the vision, story and concept. Budget-wise, think $50 million as the absolute MAXIMUM. Better to be below that. And no matter how wild or extreme the vision, we are looking for big hooks and strong characters we haven’t quite seen before.

We are actively seeking films with female and/or diverse leads, but that’s not a deal-breaker. Priority also given to diverse writers and unique voices. Very big bonus to writers and projects with a pedigree. Meaning, if your project or you/yourself have won or placed highly in multiple contests or fellowships, or have been produced in the past, please notate that when submitting (it is not a hindrance if you have not). Union and non-union writers accepted. Scripts from anywhere in the world will be considered but must be in English language.

When submitting, please include a synopsis and thoroughly developed logline – please do not only write a tag line or tiny TV Guide blurb. We want to know your concept and hook within the logline. We will narrow our selection from the synopsis and logline then request scripts.