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Production Company Seeking Feature Film Scripts

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We are looking for completed, low budget feature-length scripts. It could be a mystery/suspense, thriller, horror or a road movie.

Examples of films which we like:

Mystery/Suspense: Memento, Spider, Psycho, Mulholland Drive, Shutter Island, The Sixth Sense, Following.
Road Films: Thelma & Louise, Wild at Heart, Natural Born Killers.
Thriller/Horror (nothing hardcore, we are not interested in gore or slasher films): It, The Shining, Rosemary’s Baby, Repulsion, Black Swan, Wait Until Dark, Under the Skin, Elle, The Orphanage, The Conjuring, A Quiet Place, The Babadook, Nightcrawler.

We encourage scripts with one major location or where the landscape or a place acts as a character in the story. Otherwise the scripts should have limited number of locations and characters (no big budget concepts please). We are open to speculative fiction, but the story needs to be heavily grounded in reality and a contemporary period (e.g. something offbeat, a bit weird, showing slightly different rules etc.). Please keep in mind the low budget nature of the film; we welcome 'elevated genre' or cross-genre. We don't like dialogue heavy scripts and we prefer the visuals to speak for themselves. We invite both WGA and non-WGA writers to submit.

At this stage we only accept the following:

• A one page synopsis (a story outline that reflects the dramatic spine of the film. It must touch on the film’s tone, genre, emotional journey and key characters, and must include the film’s ending).

• First ten pages of the script.

Please include the title, genre and a fully formed logline.

Please don't send resumes/bios, treatments, pitches and completed scripts unless we request them.

If we’re interested we’ll reach out to you directly with any questions and send a release form.