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Short Scripts Needed For Vignette-Style Feature

Paid Gig

BESAME MUCHO CINEMAS, LLC will select 6-short screenplays from anywhere across the globe to be produced into a vignette movie. Scripts should be from 15 to 20 pages in length (not shorter, not longer) and note script's page length in the synopsis. Size of your cast should be manageable. Listen to the song “Bésame Mucho” and explain how that song can be incorporated into your script i.e. whether it is the traditional piece or the music can be altered to sound jazzy, classical, orchestrated, synthesized, baroque, 4-piece chambered, hip hop, rapped out, country westernized, etc. as long as the theme remains recognizable.

GENRES TO BE CONSIDERED: drama, mystery, thriller, urban, military, light horror, adventure, child/juvenile theme, western, comedy, zombie comedy, LGBTQ. No slasher or gore, bathroom humor, or absolutely no raunchy cursing. Do not submit a romantic comedy (category already filled).

COMPENSATION: screenwriters credit plus if the project becomes viable a percentage of the net per writer off the back end sale.

Send logline, short synopsis, and note in message your script's concept to incorporate the "Bésame Mucho" song and the number of principal characters. Also, note your concept/s for production to include any actors in mind, storyboards, and budget. Give us as much ammunition why we should choose your script and your story’s location. If chosen, we’ll request your script with the contract to follow. WGA & non-WGA writers welcome.