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Seeking Writer For Race-Fueled Drama set at Midwest University

Paid Gig

Seeking a writer to help develop a story based on true-life events in the Midwest. The actual and physical reference materials have been kept hidden for 30 years, and I'm ready to tell the tale with the assistance of a talented individual or writing team.  Special attention will go to those who have written Biographies or Historical dramas.

Please submit Cover letter, Resume and Samples to apply. I will review those materials and select candidates to interview for the position.

With a numerous amount of original news pieces and first-hand knowledge of the situation at this small college town, who's ready to help us form and create the story that occurred in the middle of the country. This story that ultimately lead to the suspension/expulsion of students, burning crosses, suppression, and national finals racially motivated violence. (Also, think about the amazing soundtrack of late 80's early 90's music.)

"How ironic it is that so much racial tension could be erupting at a University, in a town founded by settlers who believed in freedom and equality for all. The free staters' convictions were tested by murder and mayhem wrought by those who didn't believe in the basic equality and dignity of all people." - UDK 4/16/1990