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ISA Verified Industry Pro Seeking Dark Fantasy-Horror Series

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An ISA Verified Industry Pro is seeking dark fantasy/horror/supernatural series in the tone of Penny Dreadful. What’s important is that it has a strong story with horror as a baseline, but there’s also romantic elements, power struggles and clear character arcs.

Another hugely important cue to take from Penny Dreadful is Vanessa Ives as the lead character. Yes, there is a “rag-tag team chasing supernaturals” element, but Vanessa Ives was the heart and soul of the show. We’re looking for something with an iconic lead role like that, something that A-list talent will want to (pardon the pun) sink their teeth into.

It does not have to be specifically Victorian era like Penny Dreadful, but an interesting place and setting is a huge plus. A time in history when myths and imagination run rampant, or a magical/supernatural twist on classic stories that we all know and love. Mostly, we are *not* looking for Riverdale or Buffy, i.e. just set at a high school.

Other comp titles: Van Helsing, The Terror, Castle RockChilling Adventures of SabrinaCarnivale, and Perfume (show and film) or a darker version of Wynnona Earp.

When submitting, please include your SCRIPT, a SYNOPSIS and most importantly, a thoroughly developed LOGLINE. We want to know your concept and hook within the logline. We will narrow our selection from the synopsis and logline, so you’ll want to impress and grab us with those elements.

Union and non-union writers accepted. Scripts from anywhere in the world will be considered but must be in English language.

NOTE: An “ISA-verified producer” means it is a respected industry professional/company with means to fund projects that suit their mandate. They wish to remain private and have entrusted the ISA to vet and find content to send to them.