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Seeking Animated Feature Scripts For Major ISA Verified Industry Pro

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A major ISA Verified Industry Pro is aggressively looking for the next big animated feature film to get into production ASAP!

We want something really special, with iconic characters that will really pop and become part of the pop-culture lexicon. Even though we want a high concept/easily describable HOOK, what matters most is always the CHARACTERS. Most importantly, we want stories that are best served in animation. Stories that can’t be told via any other medium.

Animation lends itself to imagination-expanding, world-building and wild invention but we don’t just want talking animals. We want to be immersed in places and things we haven’t been able to see before. We’re looking for stuff that would make an animation house or designer salivate to get to work on, with exciting visual opportunities.

Funny, offbeat humor is the go-to for this kind of thing, and we’re definitely seeking that, though it doesn’t necessarily have to be a comedy. For example, something like How To Train Your Dragon is a favorite of ours.

Obviously the Pixar movies, with their writer/story-driven approach, are great examples. But other good comp titles include: The Lego Movie, Coraline, The Iron Giant, Moana, and Home.

If you have art or character designs, please include that with your submission. We have the ability to pair the writer with artists to develop visual materials, so it’s okay if you don’t have those. But slick, professional art or visual material that helps sell your vision is always a plus. Additionally, though computer animation is industry standard, there is a market for other types of animation, so please specify if your project is meant to be traditional 2-D, 3-D, hand drawn or even stop motion, ala Aardman or Laika.

When submitting, please include your SCRIPT, a SYNOPSIS and most importantly, a thoroughly developed LOGLINE. We will narrow our selection from the synopsis and logline, so you’ll want to impress and grab us with those elements.

Union and non-union writers accepted. Scripts from anywhere in the world will be considered but must be in English language.

NOTE: An “ISA-verified producer” means it is a respected industry professional/company with means to fund projects that suit their mandate. They wish to remain private and have entrusted the ISA to vet and find content to send to them.

Submit By: Sep 07, 2020