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Best-Selling Comic Series Requiring An Exceptional Screenwriter

Paid Gig
We produce the best-selling comic series 20 Storeys Down. With over 50,000 Facebook fans we are ready to take the adventure to TV. 

Set in the crumbling Roman tunnels and ancient chambers beneath London, this is the story of a man on a quest to find a lost, fabled library and the dark knowledge it holds.

Our story is a marriage of Indiana Jones, the action of the Dark Knight and the intrigue of The Da Vinci Code, set against the backdrop of 1899 Imperial Britain.

We have already had expressions of interest from a genuine A-lister, but don’t currently have the talent in-house to produce an amazing script. What we do have is a completed TV Bible, a full season 1 episode synopsis and a good quality draft of the pilot episode to help guide you. We need you to turn our good quality draft into a world-class final script.

Our preference is to form a long-term professional relationship with the right candidate to complete the entire first season once we have secured a deal for the proposal. If we do well, we will make sure you do too.

We would like to see a CV/Resume as well as up to 10 pages from your body of work that suits the genre we are working in and demonstrates your ability to write the fantastic screenplay we are seeking. A knowledge of London and its history is a distinct advantage. Join our high performing and ambitious team - those Emmys won’t win themselves.