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ISA Verified Pro With Netflix Deal Seeking Four Quadrant Fun Family Film

Paid Gig

An ISA-approved production company is seeking big, four-quadrant family scripts to produce under a Netflix production deal. A four-quadrant movie is one which appeals to all four major demographic "quadrants" of the typical movie-watching audience: both male and female, and both over- and under-25s. Ideally, we want a fresh, high-concept hook. Think something in the vein of Jumanji.

This is a major opportunity. Budget is no object. We want to see something that is industry ready with characters that pop off the page and can attract A-list talent. The key here is FUN. Think big, bright joyful material that makes people smile. Adventurous, comedic, heart warming material and effects all rolled into one.

Some other good parameters to follow: High Stakes (a universal threat which is easy to convey), a strong villain who unites the audience, a family adventure (we all have family), and a broad character mix (multiple points of empathy and audience identification).

Comp titles: Jumanji, Shazam!, Central Intelligence, The Goonies, The Princess Bride.

We strongly encourage BIPOC, LGBTQIA+ and Female voices. We very much would like to find the voices underrepresented in this market.

When submitting, please include your SCRIPT, a SYNOPSIS and a thoroughly developed LOGLINE. We want to know your concept and hook within the logline. We will narrow our selection from the synopsis and logline, so you’ll want to put your best foot forward.

Union and non-union writers accepted. Scripts from anywhere in the world will be considered but must be in English language.

NOTE: An “ISA-verified producer” means it is a respected industry professional/company with means to fund projects that suit their mandate. They wish to remain private and have entrusted the ISA to vet and find content to send to them.