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Director/Writer With Film On Amazon Looking For A Writing Partner

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An award winning director & writer with short on Amazon and a TV pilot optioned at a major TV network, is looking for a writing partner who is into the world of Sci-Fi and suspense thrillers. Not looking for dystopian future cynical stuff but something that makes you think, is mind bending and character based. 

I'm into astro/quantum physics. So would love to collaborate with someone that might have a science background. I want to use real science but make it entertaining. Films I love are Contact, 2001 Space Odyssey, Arrival. Absolutely love the "Inner Light" episode in Star Trek Next Generation and low budget sci-fi storytelling aspect of Another Earth, The Vast Of Night & The Endless

Must be LA based. 

Looking for someone easy to work with, best idea wins kind of attitude and with really high standards. Someone that wants to create something that would be Indie but Oscar worthy. I have some really good, semi flushed ideas that I would like to possibly explore but open to ideas that you might have. Please provide a Cover Letter (with brief introduction and your favorite Indie, Sci-Fi and Suspense Thrillers), Resume and 10 page Samples.

Submit By: Nov 19, 2020