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Filmmaker Seeking Screenwriter For Cyberpunk Feature

Paid Gig
Filmmaker seeking screenwriter to collaborate on story idea and turn into a cyberpunk / action / thriller / drama. The filmmaker has access to investors and will produce the film with a studio or production company partners. The feature will be directed by the filmmaker.

Looking for a talented writer with their own style/voice to help deliver a commercially entertaining story with deeper themes. Story goes into psychological and philosophical thinking and takes a critical stand on society/politics/religions. (If you are religious, this is not for you). Good visual writing is important. Writer also needs to have patience and time to get acquainted with the very extensive research material that the filmmaker has put together.

A heavy metal/rock music background is preferred along with good working knowledge of social media platforms of today.

Influences: Blade Runner 2049 and The Matrix.

This is a deferred payment project. PLEASE SUBMIT THROUGH ISA ONLY.

Please submit a Cover Letter (briefly introducing and anything relevant to the brief), Resume & Samples.

Submit By: Jun 07, 2021