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Hiring Screenwriters For VR Language Learning Episodes

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The Kerbs team is working on a Mixed-Reality (XR) concept to learn languages (English, French, Spanish, Arabic). Exactly like a TV-series, we will shoot episodes (16 minutes) and seasons (One for every level of mastery). The plot takes place in a coffeehouse, where a dozen recurring characters help an expatriate (the learner) to be integrated, and to learn the language.

Some scenes will be passive (the learner listens to the actors), and some are interactive: he must speak and answer to the actors. Depending on the answers given, the following scenes are different.

9,000 episodes of 16 minutes (2,250 per language) must therefore be written and meet a certain number of unusual constraints: certain words must appear (with a certain recurrence), certain dialogues are "conditional" (it depends on the learner's answers).

Because of the large number of episodes, and the 4 languages to be covered, we are looking for about 50 screenwriters interested in taking up the challenge.

This will be freelance positions for a term length of 6-12 months. If things go well there is the possibility continuing into a longer term position for some writers.

There's already a set of well fleshed out characters, a strong collection of plots, and an expansive amount of world building.

We're looking for someone who:
- has a love for language learning, and speaks one of the 4 following languages: English, Spanish, French, Arabic
- has interest for culture, and can bring culture and history in a plot
- has experience in writing short episodes
- is willing to collaborate, take and share feedback, and work in team and within the parameters of the Kerb's vision.

Please submit a Cover Letter (introducing yourself and anything relevant to the brief), Resume and Samples. Shortlisted applicants will be asked to formulate a proposal for a pilot at the next interview stage. $300 ballpark amount per 16 minute episode DOE.

If you are interested, we'd love to hear from you! PLEASE SUBMIT TO THIS WRITING GIG FOR CONSIDERATION.