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LA Based Production Company Seeking Offbeat Features

Paid Gig

LA based producer seeking offbeat features to bring to new audiences. Emphasis on character driven and distinct writing voice. Budget $5-20MM.

This producer is looking for a character driven piece that subverts expectations. Bringing secondary characters to the fore, in particular. Examples would be taking the life of 'Henchman number two' and making that person the main character. Or the best friend in a rom-com becoming the central character. Or the insurance adjuster in a world full of superheroes. Some of the aforementioned story examples may have been told so check that you have found an interesting and original spin.

The story must be grounded, preferably a genre piece with a complicated layered main character(s) at its center. In essence, if the character is expected to go right, they go left.

Comp similar to - Star Trek Lower Deck, Minions, Better Call Saul, This is 40.

All unique and original voices welcome to apply! We support diversity across voices and creators, so we strongly encourage BIPOC, LGBTQIA+ and female writers to submit. Union and non-union writers accepted. Scripts from anywhere in the world will be considered but must be English language. Please submit Logline, Synopsis, and Script.

When applying please write in the NOTE section (but not required):
- List of significant award wins (or add your profile link)
- Your country of origin (if not based in US)

This gig is posted on behalf of an ISA Verified Industry Pro

NOTE: An “ISA Verified Industry Pro” is a respected industry professional/company with the means to fund projects that suit their mandate. They wish to remain private and have entrusted the ISA to vet content to send to them. We will disclose their contact information to you when your script has passed the first round and is requested by them.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please provide a brief logline of no more than two sentences. Your logline will be the first element our team will use to evaluate your submission. This is your calling card for your script, is it doing its job?

1. What is the central crisis driving the narrative, particularly in the second act?
2. Who is your main character and what is their emotional arc?
3. What is the general setting or tone of the piece?

If you are struggling to encapsulate these elements of your concept, then we recommend submitting your project for a logline review. Please also read this article and watch this video, then edit your logline. We encourage you to keep trying new versions of your loglines until you get more attention from producers. Loglines are that important!

Submit By: Oct 10, 2021