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LA Based Filmmaker Seeking Micro Budget Scripts

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LA Based filmmaker looking for completed microbudget drama or comedy scripts. Preferably a story that has something to say about society or humanity at large through the experiences of a few people. They are open to comedy being added into a meaningful drama. (No stories relating to the pandemic or anything for children). 

Would consider Sci-Fi as well if the VFX were minimal and the sets were not too expensive. Filmmaker is capable of minor visual FX and design. Some 3D work can be done if the assets are pre-made and don’t require rigging or adding texture.  

They are looking for something in one room or in very few locations.  Four characters is a maximum.  Sex, Lies, and Videotape or the first 3/4 of Room are great examples.  Language Lessons and Adam McKay’s latest works are also aligned with the filmmakers taste.

They would also consider something wandering around LA. To be shot in LA, though the story doesn’t have to be set there. 

An option fee will be provided up front, additional payments per draft and additional payments if the movie gets funded based on the production budget. All is negotiable based on how good of a fit the script is. At this stage, please submit Logline, Synopsis and Resume. They will be in touch to request the script.