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Content Producer Seeking Short Scripted Audio Plays/Shorts For Anthology

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Content Producer seeking submissions of ALREADY PRODUCED WORKS for an ANTHOLOGY of scripted audio/podcasts - to include their short audio comedy/drama, Muriel.

If you have a completed audio play/podcast (with actors and sound effects) or a short film that fits the specs provided below, please submit audio file or link for review and consideration - only seeking completed projects.

Regarding a short film soundtrack: if your film has enough dialogue to convey the story, you could output and submit just the soundtrack. (You may wish to edit down long montages, or add some narration for your story to make sense in audio-only format.)

Concept/Storyline/Theme: Female empowerment and/or romantic relations (i.e. shifting gender roles, but up to you)
Genres: Comedy, drama, suspense, mystery, fantasy, science-fiction, historical, or a combo. Documentary/non-fiction is also fine if it fits the length and topic, and has more production to it than one person speaking in a blank sound space.
Length: 8-12 minutes
·       High quality WAV file
·       Stereo
·       44.1 kHz sample rate
·       16 bit

Deadline: January 31, 2022 - but if you need a little more time, please inform the producer.

Please submit Cover Letter briefly introducing your project with Logline, Synopsis, Audio file. Also confirming you have release forms from talent and that any music is licensed or royalty free.