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US Prodco Seeking Writer For Human Trafficking Drama Feature

Paid Gig

Indie Production Company that recently produced two successful feature films. Third feature shot last year (during Covid). They are set to start next Indie production, tentatively titled Amy.

They are looking to work with someone willing to 'creatively collaborate' with an Award-Winning director and writer. Most importantly someone who can work in a TEAM setting. Seeking someone with experience in writing action thriller features, especially dialogue.

PLEASE NOTE - They are NOT looking at your scripts at this stage. They have a story (a clear idea given below) of what they are going to produce. 


- A short ONE page idea/summary of a thriller/drama FEATURE based on the one line below;

- Think of the film, Taken with a very different and realistic take. In short, 'Amy' (an upcoming fashion model) gets conned by her boyfriend and sold to the human trafficking world. 

*From the producer - 'We are sure there are many films that are and have been made on a similar line but the difference is - we are NOT looking at a Rambo kind of guy going out there to rescue her - Instead, her 'good friend' Michael, who is an ordinary guy (perhaps nerdy) amazing with technology and especially social media - goes into the world of mafia/human traffickers to rescue her in a foreign country. Michael only has 72 hours after which she's gone... forever.'

- If they like what you send in, they will send an NDA before setting up a meeting.

- Please submit Cover Letter, Resume, Logline, Synopsis and one complete Sample relevant to the assignment.