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Looking for the Next Million Dollar Baby/Strong Female-Led Script

Paid Gig

I've been looking for my first feature and a specific to produce for a while and haven't found it yet. I want an epic-feeling female character study in the vein of Million Dollar Baby, Predestination, Boys Don't Cry, Monster, The Brave One...something where the female character overcomes great adversity to fulfill her purpose or destiny, regardness of whether it ends happily or not. 


Age Range- mid 30s to mid 40s

Open to most genres (including comedy despite examples above) but please no horror.


Cannot pay upfront but will sign a contract with you that whatever compensation we agree upon will come out of the initial financing for the film. You'll get paid before the movie gets made. I have produced a lot of work; I see projects through to completion and always honor my agreements. 


Thank you for submitting.