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Screenwriting and Story Consultant


Note from Glendon online creative writing instructor:

"Having worked as a writer and director's assistant at The Second City Main Stage (from where most famous actors and such as Tina Fey rose to fame) I have hands-on experience writing for professional actors and TV personalities. I know what they look for in a script.

As such, if you're struggling with your script, or simply require assistance in developing your story structure, characters, dialogues, pace, and conflict, I will read your screenplay, provide in-depth analaysis of your work, and help you develop your story in a professional manner that will get you noticed in Hollywood."

Glendon Script-Consultation Service fee schedule:

Consultation - Synopsis $100

Synopsis is the summary of your plotline. If you need assistance in building your storyline, scpcially conflicts, turning points, twists, and conclusion, I will read your Synopsis and help you come up with better solutions.

Consultation - Treatment $300

The outline of a screenplay is the thorough breakdown of your screenplay into acts and scenes without the dialogue, and it's about 30 - 50 pages long depending on the genre of your script. If you need assistance in breaking your story into acts and scenes, I will help you form your outline in a professional manner that would make it easier for your to include your dialogue in.

Full Lenght Script Consultation $400

If you have completed your screenplay and you'd like an evaluation, I will read your work and offer an in-depth analysis and feedback.

I offer consulting mainly for:
  • The structure of your story -genre, theme, plot, etc.
  • Breaking your story down into, acts, scenes, etc.
  • Your weaknesses and strength
  • The voice of your screenplay
  • Characters - Character Development,
  • Dialogue - Does it flow?
  • Formatting - Formatting is the key element of scriptwriting. In fact, the industry has set up a standard scriptwriting formatting system and if you're not familiar with their guidelines, then your work will not be taken seriously at all. During our consultation, we'll discuss the industry's guidelines, and help you make your screenplay look very professional.

Submission Guidelines

If you wish to submit a script for analysis and evaluation, please email your script through the ISA website.

Once I receive your script, I will then contact you to book an appointment for our one-on-one consultation through telephone or skype.


* Please note that the "Free Second Consultation" applies only for a full lenght screenplay. If you revise your script based on my suggestions, I will review it again free of charge.

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