Exciting ISAConnect Member Success Stories

These are the top success stories listed by ISAConnect Members. If you're an Industry Pro and interested in viewing the work of these emerging writers, please request Industry Pro status. 2768 Success Stories Listed.


Travis J Opgenorth's latest award-winning script DISTORTION will be featured at the inaugural Coverfly Live Table Read event this June. After taking 2nd Place in the 2018 ScreenCraft: Action/Thriller Contest, Travis had the honor of workshopping the script with legendary writer-director Steven de Souza. Pitched as Salt meets Road to Perdition, the story centers on an aging CIA operative recently diagnosed with dementia. When her estranged husband and daughter are targeted for assassination, she must go on the run to protect them from her most dangerous enemy... her former CIA boss.
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Votiv Films Options Iron Maiden

Votiv Films (Super Troopers 2, Circle) have optioned Travis J Opgenorth's female-driven WWII actioner IRON MAIDEN with a purchase price in the low to mid-six figure range. This is Travis' first feature option. He previously had two features picked up in shopping agreements, and currently has two other features under contract: THE BENGHAZI SIX, written on assignment for producer Richard Harding (Hotel Rwanda, The First Grader), and DAY OF RECKONING currently being shopped by director Alex Ranarivelo (American Wrestler: The Wizard, Born to Race). MAIDEN previously finished at the top of several contests and was a Top 50 selection in the ISA's Fast Track Fellowship VII. Travis was introduced to Votiv through the ISA Development Slate.
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Derek Asaff accepted into Universal Writers Program

Exciting news for Derek Asaff. He's making huge steps in his career by going from Table Read My Screenplay Winner, Emerging Screenwriters Winner, then onto the ISA Development Slate writer and ISA's Top 25 Screenwriters to Watch to signing with Universal! 
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Ted Campbell's crime thriller BLUE MOTEL Optioned by Shadowboxer Films

Ted Campbell's contained, crime thriller BLUE MOTEL has been optioned by producer Robert Ballo's Shadowboxer Films.
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Ted Campbell's crime thriller UNDERGROUND Directed by John Boorman

Oscar nominated director John Boorman (Deliverance, Excalibur) will direct the heist thriller UNDERGROUND, written by Ted Campbell a member of the ISA Development Slate and ISA's Top 25 Screenwriters To Watch in 2018. The film will shoot later this year in Dublin. Ellen Wander of Film Bridge International and Kieran Corrigan of Merlin Films will produce. 
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London Screenwriting Festival

ALWAYS ALICE was selected for the Actors Table Read sessions at the 2018 London Screenwriting Festival.

THAT SISTER THANG is a WeScreenplay Diverse Voices Semifinalist

Hot off its runner-up placement in Fresh Voices 2019, THAT SISTER THANG has made it through to the semifinals of WeScreenplay Diverse Voices. The show is an original half-hour dramedy about two black South African sisters, different as night and day, tackling cultural differences, family secrets and sisterhood in 'keep it weird' Austin, Texas.
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Giancarlo Fusi's VIOLETTE HAYES Winner of American Screenwriters Conference

Supernatural coming-of-age script Violette Hayes: A True Story won Outstanding Short Screenplay at the American Screenwriters Conference featuring Dr. Lew Hunter, Chairman Emeritus at UCLA and author of the bestselling Screenwriting 434, as part of the 24th annual Sacramento International Film Festival.
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Semi-finalist in The Great American Script Contest

The first installment in Danielle R Erlich's fantasy saga LEGACY was one of the SEMI-FINALISTS in The Chicago Independent Film Festival's screenplay contest called The Great American Script Contest. The winner is still TBD. LEGACY and LUANA were both also selected to take part in The Sacramento International Film Festival's American Screenwriting Conference!
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Newly Invited ISA Development Slate writers win Runner-Up in Fresh Voices

The half-hour comedy-drama pilot, THAT SISTER THANG, wins 2nd place in Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition. The pilot also recently placed 8th place in Emerging Screenwriters' Shoot Your Sizzle Competition. THAT SISTER THANG centers on two chalk 'n cheese South African sisters struggling to fit into weird Austin life as they must overcome the revelation that they have different mothers, one dead and one white, in order to save the thing they hold most dear - their sisterhood. THAT SISTER THANG is a fresh take on a sisterhood story featuring two very unique and original characters as lead protagonists that has beautiful elements of culture and satire, written by ISA Development Slate writers, Lindiwe Mueller-Westernhagen and Dale Winton.

Jeffrey Howe's FLAT RATE FRANK takes 7th at Shoot Your Sizzle

Jeffrey Howe's coming-of-age drama, set in the 70s, took finalist honors at the 2019 Emerging Screenwriters Shoot Your Sizzle contest, scoring a 7th place finish.
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Ted Campbell invited to the ISA Development Slate

Ted Campbell's crime thriller 'Underground' has been invited into the ISA Development Slate.
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THE DARK OF NIGHT, directed by Robin Wright to premiere on YouTube

Directed by Robin Wright and starring Leslie Bibb, Academy Award winner Sam Rockwell, Callie Thorne, Michael Godere and Nini Le Huynh, THE DARK OF NIGHT,, (a Grand Prize Winner for Table Read My Screenplay, Austin), is being released on YouTube after a highly successful run on the film festival circuit and after six months streaming exclusively on Seed and Spark. A TV pilot based on the film was a semi-finalist for Sundance Episodic and was mentored through the New York Stage and Filmmakers Workshop at the Powerhouse Theater. The pilot and a pitch deck, about a female gangster who lures Al Capone into a twisted game of cat and mouse to avenge her husband's murder, are currently available.
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Creation and production of the A&E TV mini series CURSED THE BELL WITCH

After many years working both scripted, unscripted and production side of the house John Ceallach played a big part in bringing his real family legend to the smaller screen. The TV mini-series CURSED THE BELL WITCH told of his family historic true-life legend and investigated the origins of that legend also known as a curse. The project meant as a jump point, has spawned other projects such as a feature fictional screenplay, a pending novel, and other media.

SKYJACK named ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship Semifinalist

Clarke Mayer's SKYJACK was named a 2019 ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship Semifinalist. The screenplay can be requested via Clarke Mayer's profile on the ISA site alongside his Horror Thriller MERCURY.
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SKYJACK named ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship Quarterfinalist

Clarke Mayer's SKYJACK was named a 2019 ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship Quarterfinalist. The screenplay can be requested via Clarke Mayer's profile on the ISA site alongside his Horror Thriller MERCURY.
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Giancarlo Fusi's FIRST OF APRIL Performed at the New Normal Reading Series

FIRST OF APRIL, winner of Best Dark Comedy at both the Veer West Screenplay Festival & Oregon Scream Week, had a successful performance by SAG actors before a packed house at Sal's Comedy Hole in Hollywood as a featured script of the New Normal Reading Series presented by the Latino Filmmakers Network and sponsored by The Black List & Final Draft.
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ON THE SPARROW gets into TOP 10 of ChronosPrize(KairosPro)

In the inaugural year, of the ChronosPrize presented by MovieGuide Awards, a sister screenwriting contest with KairosPrize, and later called KairosPro, Randall Hahn's ON THE SPARROW made the TOP 10.
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Hahn's OASIS - Best Horror Script Table Read My Screenplay - Hollywood 2015

OASIS is a horror story played out in the Libyan Sahara. It is largely 2 locations with an ensemble cast. It has been likened to Moby Dick in the desert and lends itself to being the first movie in a series franschise.  Dinosaurs have nothing on this ancient leviathan.  
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Danielle R Erlich's prequel LUANA and LEGACY honored in Sacramento

Both scripts in Danielle R Erlich's fantasy saga entitled LEGACY and LUANA are Official Selections in The Sacramento Film Festival's American Screenwriting Conference! Winners TBD
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