Exciting ISAConnect Member Success Stories

These are the top success stories listed by ISAConnect Members. If you're an industry pro and interested in viewing the work of these emerging writers, please request Industry Pro status.

PRIDE & PRESIDENT - a 2018 RIFF Finalist!

John Pisano-Thomsen's PRIDE & PRESIDENT is now a Feature Finalist in the 2018 Richmond Int'l Film Festival in Richmond, Virginia. Winner to be determined at the festival April 23-29.
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LAST of the BURLY GIRLS - an American Zoetrope 2017 semi-finalist!

John Pisano-Thomsen's LAST of the BURLY GIRLS was recently selected as a semi-finalist in Francis Ford Coppola's 15th Annual American Zoetrope Screenwriting Contest. Out of roughly 1,600 entries, BURLY GIRLS made the Top 23! In addition, BURLY GIRLS was also a recent semi-finalist in the 2nd Annual Roadmap Writer's/Route One Entertainment Screenwriting Competition.
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DIPLOMATIC AMMUNITY! and THE KIDNAPPED Official Selections of Sacramento FF

Jonathan LaPoma's black comedy screenplays DIPLOMATIC AMMUNITY! and THE KIDNAPPED have been selected to the 2018 Sacramento International Film Festival. THE KIDNAPPED is LaPoma's latest script, and this is its first award/honor and LaPoma's 153rd overall for his 11 screenplays.
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Barnes & Noble Selects THE SUMMER OF CRUD to Press Presents list

Barnes & Noble selected Jonathan LaPoma's new novel, THE SUMMER OF CRUD, to its February and March B&N Press Presents list, where "B&N Press editors have handpicked the best books from emerging authors and new voices." The novel was also recommended by Kirkus Reviews, one of the world's largest book reviewing publications.
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MOUNT PLEASANT Selected for ATX Television Festival/The Black List Program

MOUNT PLEASANT is one of 15 scripts selected for the ATX Television Festival and The Black List writing program. They have partnered with HBO, Bad Robot, Carlton Cuse Productions, Okay Goodnight, Annapurna, Kilter Films, and Amblin Entertainment on a unique writing program for the third year, specifically designed to identify TV writers for staffing consideration across the participating networks, studios and production companies. The script will also move onto the next round of ATX’s pitch competition.
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Award Wins and Nominations for THE OTHER CAPULET Short Film

Writer/Director Afonso J Henrique has produced his screenplay THE OTHER CAPULET and has already, in such a short time, won a few awards for Best Film, as well as Honorable Mentions and other nominations. The short film was released in November 2017 and has already accumulated 'Best Film Award' wins at the Grove Film Fest, SFAAF (Chile), West Wing Film Competition, and the Firefly Film Competiton. Afonso won Best Screenplay at the Oniros Film Awards forTHE OTHER CAPULET and has taken Honorable Mentions in Cinematography, Best Director, Best Sound Design, Best Actress (SFAAF,) and Best Thriller Short Film (LA Film Awards,) and Best First Time Director (Afonso J Henrique), Best Idea, and Best Short Film (Oniros Film Awards.)

Four 1st Place Wins in 2017 For PAROUSIA

Todd Sorrell's supernatural thriller script PAROUSIA maintained a consistent hot streak throughout 2017, winning top honors in 4 different film festivals. The 1st Place finish at the Atlanta Film Festival kicked it off, followed by the first place wins at Cinema New York City Film Festival, Toronto International Independent Film Festival, and the London Film Awards.
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Los Angeles DP/Producer, Eris Zhao, options DEPUTY DOUGLAS

Los Angeles based director of photography and producer, Eris Zhao, optioned east coast writer Duncan Putney's, short dark comedy screenplay titled DEPUTY DOUGLAS. She plans on going into production in the next few months and eventually screening the short at festivals as a calling card for her team's extensive creative talents.
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THE NEARSCAPE in semi-finals of the Cinequest screenplay competition

Mark's one-hour TV pilot episode of the sci-fi TV show THE NEARSCAPE has reached the semi-finals of Cinequest. Screenplay Competition Manager Liva Petersone commented, "We are so thrilled to inform you that THE NEARSCAPE Pilot Episode - The Survivors is one of the Top 50 Teleplays (60-minute category) for the Cinequest Screenwriting Competition, a semi-finalist selection. We had a truly immersive and inspiring time delving into the incredible characters and story of your script. Our readers are so thankful for the opportunity to have read your work."
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THE ENCHANTED QUILL reaches finals of Shriekfest 2017

Mark Renshaw's short horror screenplay THE ENCHANTED QUILL has reached the finals of Shriekfest 2017 in Los Angeles. The screenplay is an adaptation of a recently discovered 150 year old fairy tale, which has been brought up-to-date. This follows on from the success of the same script reaching the finals of the 13Horror.com's Film Festival.
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THE DARK OF NIGHT TV is a semi-finalist for the Screencraft Pilot Launch

Based on the short film by Denise Meyers, THE DARK OF NIGHT was a semi-finalist for the Screencraft Pilot Launch contest. Her feature screenplay, TRUTH AGAINST THE WORLD is currently a quarterfinalist for the Screencraft Film Fund.
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MOUNT PLEASANT WINS ScreenCraft Pilot Launch and finishes 2017 strong.

Cat Dale\'s MOUNT PLEASANT Pilot finished out 2017 strong, winning the ScreenCraft Pilot Launch. Finishing first out of almost 2000 submissions, ScreenCraft writes, \"It’s a vital and unflinching pilot that looks to the past to tell a story packed with timely sociopolitical relevance.\" In addition, MOUNT PLEASANT won 2nd Place in the Shore Scripts TV Pilot Competition, was shortlisted for The Black List / Verizon go90 Young Adult Fellowship, was a finalist for the Women in Film + The Black List Episodic Lab & the Stowe Story Labs Seed&Spark Fellowship.
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DIPLOMATIC AMMUNITY! Wins 4th in London Film Awards

Jonathan LaPoma's feature-length black comedy DIPLOMATIC AMMUNITY! won 4th place in the 2017 London Film Awards. This is the script's 8th award/honor and LaPoma's 151st overall.
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PRIDE & PRESIDENT now a two-time Top 10 Finalist.

John Pisano-Thomsen's PRIDE & PRESIDENT is now a Top 10 Finalist in both the 1st annual National Screenwriters Day and 2018's Cinequest! "P&P" also recently placed as a Semifinalist in the 2017 WeScreenplay Fall Diverse Voices Competition and is now accessible on the Blacklist.
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Richard Willet's Comedy - Table Read My Screenplay - Park City Semifinalist

Richard Willett's comedy about two ill-fated gay dads, THE NOT READY FOR PRIME TIME FAMILY, is a semifinalist in the 2017 Table Read My Screenplay (at the Sundance Festival) Competition.
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Richard Willet's Comedy is a 2017 Bluecat Quarterfinalist

Richard Willett's comedy about two ill-fated gay dads, THE NOT READY FOR PRIME TIME FAMILY, is a quarterfinalist in the 2017 BlueCat Screenplay Competition.
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IVAN'S HAMMER - Table Read My Screenplay - Park City Semifinalist.

Ben Marraniss' screenplay IVAN'S HAMMER has moved forward in the top 100 of Table Read My Screenplay - Park City.
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Tara Hall's Film Released on Many Platforms.

Tara Hall's movie BUZZARD HOLLOW BEEF was acquired by Multicom Entertainment Group and released on Amazon Prime, iTunes and Google Play.
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THE BEEKEEPER'S DAUGHTER accepted for the HGF 'polish & packaging' stage

Patrick Holden's screenplay THE BEEKEEPER'S DAUGHTER has made it through to the final stage of the HAROLD GREENBERG FUND'S development pipeline: 'Polish & Packaging'. As well as a script polish, the script will also go out to cast, distributors, and financing partners. IHolden is also attached to direct. Vancouver film company: REALITY DISTORTION FIELD is producing.

FIRE ON ICE makes Semi-Finals in the Stage 32 Happy Writers Feature Contest

Courtney Suttle's FIRE ON ICE advances at the 2017 Stage 32 Happy Writers Feature Screenplay Contest after being named a Semi-Finalist. Fire on Ice previously advanced to the Semi-Finals at the 2017 Table Read My Screenplay/Chicago and the Finals of the 2017 Napa Valley Film Festival.
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