Exciting ISAConnect Member Success Stories

These are the top success stories listed by ISAConnect Members. If you're an industry pro and interested in viewing the work of these emerging writers, please request Industry Pro status.

A NATIVE LAND makes QFs in Atlanta Film Festival Script Contest

A NATIVE LAND, a crime thriller by Caitlin McCarthy, has been selected as a quarterfinalist in the 2019 Atlanta Film Festival Screenplay Competition. The quarterfinalist list represents the top 20% of all submissions. This was an unprecedented year for the festival, which received over 1,200 screenplays. Semifinalists will be announced in the coming weeks. A NATIVE LAND was previously promoted as a "highly-rated script" by The Black List website. Caitlin McCarthy is represented by manager Barry Krost. 

Family Feature scores Top 10 at 2018 Nashville Film Festival

Rebecca Spindler's screenplay A GOAT NAMED GLORY came in Top Ten Semi-finals at 2018 Nashville Film Festival in Family Feature catagory.
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Pantelion Screenwriting Contest Winner

Beth's indie drama ONLY LIFE won the prestigious Pantelion Screenwriting Contest at USC in 2015. Beth was awarded a $25,000 scholarship.

Danielle R Erlich's prequel LUANA continues to receive accolades

Danielle R Erlich's prequel LUANA to her multi-award-winning screenplay LEGACY is quickly following in LEGACY'S footsteps. It won Best International Screenplay of the Year at Scorpiusfest in Park City, Utah. Scorpiusfest is a festival put on by Scorpius Magazine at the same time as Sundance. LUANA has also been chosen as an Official Selection of The Beverly Hills Film Festival. This is Danielle's second year in a row being selected by Beverly Hills. Last year they selected LEGACY. This year's winners are still TBD.
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THE KIDNAPPED an Official Selection of Beverly Hills Film Fest

The Beverly Hills Film Festival has selected Jonathan LaPoma's feature-length action/black comedy THE KIDNAPPED to its 2019 screenwriting competition. This is the script's 3rd award/honor and LaPoma's 158th overall.
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LA International Screenplay Awards for BRENTHOOD

Shane Elizabeth is a Quarter-finalist at the LA International Screenplay Awards, rising out of 2000 other scripts with her TV pilot, BRENTHOOD.


Shane Elizabeth's Grand Prize Winning script was selected for The Table Read My Screenplay event at the Sundance Film Festival 2019. The script was incredibly well received by the festival audience, and the talented cast nailed Shane's vision, with the crowd responding with genuine enthusiasm with many laughs and applause after line deliveries. This was a promising and amazing event, and confirmed that this Pilot has an audience and that this concept and has potential for the future.

Giancarlo Fusi's VIOLETTE HAYES a Script Finalist at SOMA Film Festival

The supernatural coming-of-age story is one of three scripts that will receive a reading performed by Broadway actors and compete for a cash prize at this New Jersey festival running March 20-24.
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THE RESURRECTIONISTS Won 1st Place in the TV Pilot Category

Travis Opegenorth's star continues to shine as his screenplay THE RESURRECTIONISTS Wins 1st Place in the SoCal Screenplay Contest's TV Pilot Category.
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Winner Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest

Dennis Foley's screenplay THE BLUE CIRCUS won the Gold Prize for Best Original TV Drama at The Beverly Hills Screenplay contest.

MAH-DUXT quarter-finalist at PAGE

Ruth Herrberg-Schubert's first original feature screenplay MAH-DUXT made the quarter-finals of the PAGE Awards 2017. Before that, one of the three short screenplays she wrote in preparation (AN EYE FOR AN EYE) also got a placement as a quarter-finalist of the BlueCat Short Screenwriting Competition 2016.

MOCKY'S REVENGE places as Finalist in Filmmatic's Pitch Now Competition!

Joshua Keller Katz's feature-length family screenplay, MOCKY'S REVENGE, has been selected as an Official Finalist in Filmmatic's inaugural 2019 Pitch Now Screenplay Competition. He and the other Finalists will receive a Virtual Pitchfest pitch package, so they can reach out directly to a production company of their choice! They will also receive a VIP invitation to Filmmatic's 9th annual Sundance Film Festival Networking Event! 
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JUPITERIANS screenplay named Finalist

Veronica Tabares's quirky sci-fi adventure, JUPITERIANS, was named as a finalist in Filmmatic's 2019 Pitch Now contest in the Family category.
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Kamil Murat's GIVE ME A RING short success.

Kamil's short GIVE ME A RING was accepted in the Festival de Cannes 2016 - Short Film Corner STARRING Dash Kolos Kelly Ryan Jeff Moore PRODUCER Frank Pinnock WRITER Kamil Murat COMPOSER Karin Okada DIRECTOR Alex Azmi

ISA Development Slate writer Phil Parker - Black List praise FIRST draft!

In 2018 Phil Parker was hired by Toil Films to write a WWII feature. Thrilled with the first draft, his producer sent it to the Black List to see what they'd say. The result? An 8/10. A tremendous achievement considering how hard it is to score that highly at The Black List, even with a polished final draft. Here's a snippet from their report: "The premise is eminently marketable and would likely have broad and perhaps even international appeal. The main character is drawn with depth, nuance and authenticity, and features in a stunning manner that gives her role the potential to entice top leading ladies. The aviation scenes are riveting, rendered with richly immersive authenticity and spectacularly cinematic detail."
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Julia Skikavich one of ISA's TOP 25 Screenwriters to Watch in 2019

Julia Skikavich has been selected by the International Screenwriters' Association as one of its TOP 25 Screenwriters to Watch in 2019. Julia is an award-winning screenwriter, online producer, editor and journalist. Her TV pilots, MISSING PIECES and SURVIVORS: B.S., have won and placed in several contests and have been hailed for their women-centric approach in tackling intractable social issues, centred on wholly relevant discussions. Julia holds degrees in screenwriting, journalism and political science. She has worked on a variety of news programs, factual entertainment and reality series. Julia is proud to be included on this list of emerging, driven and talented writers. She looks forward to an exciting and productive 2019.
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Danielle R. Erlich's prequel LUANA continues to shine.

Danielle R Erlich's prequel LUANA to her multi-award-winning fantasy saga entitled LEGACY has WON a FINALIST AWARD at The Los Angeles Screenplay Contest in the Science Fiction Genre. It has also been NOMINATED for BEST SCREENPLAY at Scorpiusfest. Scorpiusfest is a festival put on by Scorpius Magazine at the same time as Sundance in Park City. If you're at Sundance please feel free to pick up a copy. If not, you can access the article on their website at the end of January/ beginning of February. Including the prequel, LUANA, the LEGACY saga has been selected 60x, nominated 47x, and won 27 awards.
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LEGACY chosen to compete in The Southern CA Screenplay Contest

The first installment in Danielle R Erlich's fantasy saga entitled LEGACY has been chosen as one of the few semi-finalists in The Southern California Screenplay Competition. The winner is TBD. Including the prequel, LUANA, the LEGACY saga has been selected 60x, nominated 47x, and won 27 awards.
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Giancarlo Fusi's BIRTH Wins First Runner-Up in Sunday Shorts Film Festival

BIRTH won first runner-up in the Sunday Shorts Film Festival of London, England. A review from the festival called BIRTH "a well written short, over-the-top horror comedy, perhaps like Bad Taste. The more horrific it gets, the more inappropriate, and funnier, it becomes."
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THE KIDNAPPED a Semifinalist in the S. California Screenplay Competition

Jonathan LaPoma's feature-length black comedy script THE KIDNAPPED has advanced to the semifinals in the 2018 Southern California Screenplay Competition. LaPoma's 13 scripts have won a total of 157 awards/honors.
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