Exciting ISAConnect Member Success Stories

These are the top success stories listed by ISAConnect Members. If you're an Industry Pro and interested in viewing the work of these emerging writers, please request Industry Pro status. 3176 Success Stories Listed.

Hunter Davis' screenplay THE DROME has been optioned by producers Gerry Pass (12 Feet Under) and Lucas Foster (Ford vs. Ferrari, Morbius, Man on Fire, Bad Boys) and is currently in development.
DELIVERANCE, a short Sci-Fi thriller by Olga Holtz, made it to the top 25 shorts at Table Read My Screenplay 2020 Genre Competition.
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Our comedy-drama about two black South African sisters tackling life in weird 'n wacky Austin, and the arrival of a conservative white Texan mother, has made it to the last Top 50 pilot scripts!
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In 2020 after HAG OF BLACK HOWE MOOR won over eight festival awards, the movie was picked up for World Wide distribution on all platforms by the S M G Films.
The Sklar Prize is a fellowship awarded to students of exceptional promise in directing, producing and screenwriting. It is named after the late Robert Sklar, a pioneer in the development of the modern fields of film and media studies. Giancarlo was awarded the fellowship to join the inaugural class of Stony Brook Manhattan's Certificate in Social Impact Filmmaking program. Over the next year, he will be training in activism and making movies that matter while writing and directing a documentary film.
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Thanks to ISA, my heavily awarded script PRAYER sold to an undisclosed (NDA) production company. As well, the success of PRAYER lead to two more hires, one for a faith-based feature, nearing completion, and negotiations now underway for a 10-epi dramatic series.
Christopher Byram's screenplay REDNECKS has been optioned by one of the Exec Producers of American Gods and is currently out to potential commissioners including Netflix, Amazon and HBO.
THE REAL THING, Winner: 2nd Place Best Screenplay Feature, Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards (2020), Los Angeles, California USA. With this placing, Matthew's screenplay brings up its 30th win milestone since June 2019. 
GHOST SPECIES has won the Grand Jury Prize for Best Unproduced Screenplay Feature at the UK Motion Picture Festival 2020. Run by Festival Director and well-known UK film publicist Stuart Bannerman, this is the first award for Justin's horror screenplay. It has also been accepted as a Semi-Finalist in the Flickers' Rhode Island International Film Festival.
The Real Thing, Winner: Best Script, New Media Film Festival (2020), Los Angeles, California USA. Award presenter and judge for screenplays Chelsea Lo Pinto (Director of HBO Program Strategy & Planning) states that the winner of Best Script "exemplifies these qualities [innovation and vitality] and, most importantly, adds something to the genre that is unexpected and new". 
Steven Michael's screenplay, OUR BETTER ANGELS, was named a quarter-finalist in the 2020 Screencraft Drama competition. This is the fourth major placement for this touching story.
Out of an original pool of 2600 writers, and after 3 rounds of challenges, Development Slate writer M. Rowan Meyer placed 3rd overall in this year's Screenwriting Challenge. 
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Xavier Burgin's drama Feature ON TIME was chosen as the 2020 ISA Table Read My Screenplay Drama Category Winner.
Don Thompson's WWII action-drama screenplay KALTENHOUSE has won top awards, including 'Best Drama Screenplay' at the Los Angeles Film Awards (2019), 'Best Action Screenplay' at the Festigious International Film Festival (2020), and 'Screenplay of the Month' at the Festigious International Film Festival (July - 2020).
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MiLa Media optioned The Edge of Darkness fall of 2019. MiLa Media found The EDGE OF DARKNESS through an ISA Writing Gig. Due to Covid19, plans for production and streaming will be postponed and hopefully completed in 2021. Currently Sony Screen Gems is interested in financing this screenplay.
Alex Azmi hired Richard Lasser to rewrite his short about Anna May Wong from a writing gig from the ISA Team.
Crystal found ISA's Virtual Pitch challenge through a fellow writer, and literally submitted the pitch a day before the deadline. The next week, she learned she was 1 of 4 winners. Since then, things have been moving very quickly! She was accepted onto ISA's Development Slate, and has been working with Jerren and Felicity on the project. Two weeks ago, she was introduced to Matt Prater from Citizen Skull Productions. They had a great talk about life in general and (of course her writing). She sent Matt her pilot that night, and the next morning, he called her to discuss it and her dreams for her career. The conversation was insightful; he gave her GREAT feedback on ways to elevate the story structure. What she liked about Matt is that he was invested in her story. Happy to announce that Crystal is now repped by Matt...
Beth's feature script THE TAR was positively evaluated and then invited to be part of ISA's Development Slate. Since then, Beth has scored a general meeting with Ben Stiller's production company Red Hour, and the Development Team has sent Beth's scripts to other prestigious companies such as Margot Robbie's LuckyChap and Prospero Pictures in Toronto. Beth recently signed with literary manager Matt Prater at Citizen Skull Productions.
With one of Travis' features already under option, Papa Octopus Productions came back to him asking for more ideas. The production company, whose last film, BADLANDS, charted at #7 on Netflix's Top 10 list in April, was interested in a first-look option on a sci-fi concept Travis pitched. Upon reading the treatment, the company bought the project outright and is now looking to fast track it for production around the end of the year. This marks Travis' fifth feature deal in the last twelve months and his sixth overall. Currently, Eclectic Pictures (Angel Has Fallen) is setting up his female-drive action-thriller DISTORTION, while Travis is hard at work wrapping up a writing assignment on an untitled indie feature based on true events.
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