Exciting ISAConnect Member Success Stories

These are the top success stories listed by ISAConnect Members. If you're an Industry Pro and interested in viewing the work of these emerging writers, please request Industry Pro status. 3188 Success Stories Listed.

Mitch Bechtold's first fellowship is an exciting achievement. He credits every mentor as having been invaluable in developing his skills as a writer! The mission of the Writers Guild Foundation’s Veterans Writing Project is to identify emerging writers from United States military backgrounds and provide them with the tools and insights to nurture their passion for writing and successfully navigate the entertainment industry. They do this in two phases over a yearlong program: A weekend-long retreat, and monthly follow-up workshops and special events. Each military veteran is paired with WGA members. The Foundations writer-mentors represent some of the most beloved movies and television series of the past and present, and are committed to guiding the voices of the future.
Larry E Coleman's period war drama, THE ABYSSINIAN finished in the top 10 in the Creative Screenwriting Unique Voices Screenplay Competition in the Historical/Biopic category. This script brings new life to World War II dramatic film-making because its' backdrop doesn't focus on popular settings like Normandy, but instead, on the invasion of Africa, and is seen through the lens of an African, an Ethiopian POW.
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Kristina Jilly has been asked to research and write a treatment for a successful European producer. The project will be a biopic about an amazing artist and her vibrant yet tragically short life that was cut short at the beginning of WW2. This is a very special project about a very special woman who deserves to be more widely recognized.
Kristina Jilly is currently researching and writing the synopsis and treatment for an up and coming director. The four part TV show will be based in Europe in the 1920s, a period of great trauma and transition. Kristina is excited to be involved at concept stage on this project.
Greg Houghton's TV pilot DEAD 9 was optioned via Buffalo 8 and Invar Studios.
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Greg Houghton's sigle location, action thriller EXIT, has been optioned for production via Ant Fallon with Bird on Fire.
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Greg Houghton's script THE KEEPER has been optioned via Brittany House Pictures and Quixotic Road.
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Screenwriter and actor Rain Story has released her novel titled GUNS & GOD: LINES IN THE SAND based upon her original TV pilot by the same name. An Arkansas native and veteran of the entertainment industry, Rain shares her expertise on what it is like living in a Southern gun culture via the adult crime-thriller genre. GUNS & GOD: LINES IN THE SANDtakes an electrifying look into the Southern gun culture and its connections with the gun industry's local, national, and international tentacles. This narrative shines light on what makes gun-toting Southerners tick and creates understanding so that we can work together to find compromise and resolve around gun violence in the U.S.
THREE projects are recognized by Table Read my Screenplay. Kim Hornsby's TV Pilot, MOODY & THE GHOST, reached the top 100 in Table Read my Screenplay as did her Features, NECESSARY DETOUR, and THE DREAM JUMPER'S PROMOISE. All 3 scripts are adapted from her Bestselling books available on Amazon Books. Kim is represented by JD DeWitt of 5x5 Literary Management
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"We think the market has caught up to this amazing script," says Producer Darin Dusan when he optioned screenwriter Michael Graf's historical sports drama about a group of Native American children that are kidnapped by the US Army and go on to invent the modern game of football. "This is an amazing story and it needs to be told." The screenplay has been making waves around the world, winning dozens of awards and accolades. It also has been a part of the ISA Development Slate.
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ISA Development Slate writer, Rachel Leyco will star in the trans-led romantic comedy "Re-Live: A Tale of an American Island Cheerleader". The project won the Inside Out LGBT Pitch Please! contest last year in Toronto. "Re-Live" is a heartfelt romcom that she co-wrote with Primetime Emmy nominated actress, Rain Valdez. Fae Pictures has partnered with Now>Ever to finance and produce. "It's been incredibly fun writing this together (many laughs and tears shed) during the writing process. I'm so excited to bring this to life on the big screen because we are spotlighting our underrepresented communities in order to change the narrative in cinema -- that women, Asian-Americans, and LGBTQ+ folx belong in these spaces." - Rachel Leyco
Hunter Davis' screenplay THE DROME has been optioned by producers Gerry Pass (12 Feet Under) and Lucas Foster (Ford vs. Ferrari, Morbius, Man on Fire, Bad Boys) and is currently in development.
DELIVERANCE, a short Sci-Fi thriller by Olga Holtz, made it to the top 25 shorts at Table Read My Screenplay 2020 Genre Competition.
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Our comedy-drama about two black South African sisters tackling life in weird 'n wacky Austin, and the arrival of a conservative white Texan mother, has made it to the last Top 50 pilot scripts!
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In 2020 after HAG OF BLACK HOWE MOOR won over eight festival awards, the movie was picked up for World Wide distribution on all platforms by the S M G Films.
The Sklar Prize is a fellowship awarded to students of exceptional promise in directing, producing and screenwriting. It is named after the late Robert Sklar, a pioneer in the development of the modern fields of film and media studies. Giancarlo was awarded the fellowship to join the inaugural class of Stony Brook Manhattan's Certificate in Social Impact Filmmaking program. Over the next year, he will be training in activism and making movies that matter while writing and directing a documentary film.
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Thanks to ISA, my heavily awarded script PRAYER sold to an undisclosed (NDA) production company. As well, the success of PRAYER lead to two more hires, one for a faith-based feature, nearing completion, and negotiations now underway for a 10-epi dramatic series.
Christopher Byram's screenplay REDNECKS has been optioned by one of the Exec Producers of American Gods and is currently out to potential commissioners including Netflix, Amazon and HBO.
THE REAL THING, Winner: 2nd Place Best Screenplay Feature, Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards (2020), Los Angeles, California USA. With this placing, Matthew's screenplay brings up its 30th win milestone since June 2019.