Exciting ISAConnect Member Success Stories

These are the top success stories listed by ISAConnect Members. If you're an Industry Pro and interested in viewing the work of these emerging writers, please request Industry Pro status. 3856 Success Stories Listed.

Joshua Maheu's pitch deck for his screenplay SUGAR was requested by Circle of Confusion after a pitch meeting. Pending review.
Joshua Maheu's short film L'Arpège has completed post-production, and is now ready for an audience.
Joshua Keller Katz (WGAW) has received another writing credit on United States of Al, the hit Chuck Lorre sitcom airing on CBS. The show is about a combat veteran who returns home to live with his Ohio family, along his best friend and former interpreter from Afghanistan. As a combat veteran of the war in Afghanistan and an Ohio native, Joshua is honored to contribute his voice to add to already stellar team of writers. This is Joshua's second credit this year on the show, where he works as the Assistant to the Executive producers and as a freelance writer. The episode is the 13th episode of Season 2 (213) and is title "Hunt". It will premiere on CBS, Thursday January 27th at 8:30 PST.
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Julia Skikavich’s darkly funny, one-hour drama pilot, SURVIVORS: B.S. has placed as a quarterfinalist in the Table Read My Screenplay genre contest, advancing in the competition. The multi-award winning pilot has been hailed for the writer’s unique voice, the script’s compelling characters, the world-building that gives an insider’s look at Toronto, and the polished storytelling. The pilot takes a women-centric approach in tackling intractable social issues, centered around wholly relevant discussions tied to sexism, rape culture, #MeToo, and the harsh realities of dealing with a serious medical issue and related disability as a struggling young professional
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Author David Creighton's script I DREAM ANALYZE GENIE, recently received an Honorable Mention at LitScares International Film Festival. This was the first time the festival awarded a screenplay with an Honorable Mention. The script so impressed Festival Director Velton j Lishke, that he took the rare step of writing the script's coverage himself. The coverage/review was glowing, to say the least. Among the comments were: "This was by far my favorite script I have read from this festival and quite possibly the comedy festival we also run, I has so much fun reading this... it was simply brilliant.... You are one of the strongest writers whose work I have had the pleasure of reading." David is currently available for new projects.
Stoner zombie action-comedy ZOMBIE KRUSH has impressed readers from several competitions, most notably Austin Film Festival, where it was named a comedy feature semi-finalist. This lead to a general meeting with Dwayne Johnson's Seven Bucks Productions (but sadly, not Dwayne Johnson himself. Next time!) This was Kyle's first general meeting, and he's looking forward to many more to come.
STARLIGHT HACIENDA or The Secret to Eternal Life in The Desert took home the Grand Prize of ISA's Horror/Thriller Genre-bending Competition. An unpredictable blend of horror, thriller, and dark comedy, the ISA team described the script as "a wild, wonderful mix of the surreal and the sublime, a kaleidoscopic trip through the desert with a character we loved...even as the bodies started piling up." Kyle is extremely excited to work with the ISA team moving forward. In addition to this win, STARLIGHT HACIENDA has also been named an Emerging Screenwriters Finalist, Slamdance Quarterfinalist, TSL Free Screenplay quarterfinalist, and has been featured on Coverfly's Red List, currently in the top 3% of all projects on the site.
Aaron Braxton has LITERARY REPRESENTATION with Robert Walker of Smith Young Talent and Literary. With offices in LA and the ATL he said "they are a great fit for my growing versatile portfolio of projects. I truly looking forward to what the future holds!" Braxton also gave a big "shout out," to his friend, Tyana, whose selflessness made the meeting possible, and said "I am truly grateful and make a commitment to continue paying it forward."
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KIM HORNSBY's award-winning short script, CHAT, that reached the top ten in Emerging Screenwriters' Shoot Your Short and was a quarterfinalist in HollyShorts, has cast ERYN REA of Grey's Anatomy and Amazon Prime's The Scottish Play in the lead role of a woman entering a dangerous chat relationship online. The film will shoot in Seattle in May with Devious Maid's JOSH PRICE playing the male lead. Directed by BRAD M JOHNSON with MADELINE DOWN as the cinematographer, CHAT is produced by Kim and Brad and they vow to have at least half female cast and crew. The Seed & Spark campaign begins mid February.
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A successful pitch meeting with Matt Rosen has led to him enthusiastically requesting VERITY'S GAME to read this week. His thoughts on the pitch: "I loved how high concept this pitch is. Mr and Mrs and Smith in Mexico City - BOOM I GOT IT! Loved the action and the female characters going after each other. It sounded really fresh and cinematically exciting. I loved that it's a cat and mouse game and their methods of killing are different from the others so they have to continue to adapt the entire movie. The story sounded wildly entertaining and fun." Updates to follow.
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A table read of Eliot John Hagen's screenplay NISEI was held at the Japanese American National Museum’s Tateuchi Democracy Forum in Little Tokyo in Los Angeles, CA. Starring Roy Huang, François Chau, & Tamlyn Tomita.
DARK MATTER, a thriller TV pilot by Olga Holtz, has received an Honorable Mention (a runner-up placement) among the finalists of the 2022 WeScreenplay TV Contest and a finalist placement at the 15th StoryPros International Screenplay Awards. DARK MATTER is presently on four Red Lists, including Coverfly's top 20 TV thriller pilots of all time.
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From being invited onto the Development Slate, after his ISA Diversity Initiative selection, Alan Baxter has found more success. Fresh off directing a new AMC+ series, a TV Director discovered Baxter’s dark, crime procedural, GLACIER POINT, and now has officially come aboard to helm the series.
On April 5, 2018, Matthew Tolbert submitted his script (THE STARTER MARRIAGE) to an ISA Writing Gig. In July 2018, he signed an agreement. On December 14, 2021, the movie based on his script was released nationally to a variety of streaming and On-Demand platforms. Matthew said 'It pays to respond to ISA opportunities, and it pays to be patient.'
Marcus Stricklin submitted his script ALONE TOGETHER, for the 2021 ISA Diversity Initiative. He felt inspired to enter because he wanted his diverse voice and perspective to be heard. Marcus is absolutely thrilled to have been one of the three selected writers to be chosen for the Initial ISA Diversity Initiative. After meeting with the incredible ISA Development Team, and discussing his work, goals, aspirations, and future projects, Marcus has now been invited on to the ISA's Development Slate of top tier writers. He thinks it's truly an honor to be part of the Development Slate, and looks forward to working with the team going forward.
Zack Morrison's script CANUSA STREET was announces as the winner of 'Best Comedy Screenplay' at the 2021 Catalyst Episodic Festival (formerly known as iTV Fest).
Elizabeth was hired in December 2021 by Voyage Media to create an outline, pilot and series treatment based on IP.
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Jim Grieco is honored to have his feature length dramedy, AMERICAN DAYDREAM, win Honorable Mention at the Winter 2022 Los Angeles Movie Awards.
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