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14-Point Analysis & Query Letter Eval. - Dave Trottier


7 reasons to send me your script


1. Dozens of my clients have sold their work. Two have won Nicholl Fellowships and one a National Play Award.


2. I am rated in the top 6% of the "Cream of the Crop" category of Creative Screenwriting's report "The Best Movie and TV Script Analysts and Consultants as Rated by Screenwriters." And my fee is lower than the average fee of those same top-rated consultants.


3. I am a produced screenwriter who understands the market. My analysis is market-focused.


4. Coaching is my game. As an award-winning teacher, I have taught and motivated writers for nearly two decades. Although I have succeeded as a screenwriter, I think my greater talents are in analysis, coaching, and helping you reach your potential.


5. My book, "The Screenwriter's Bible," is now in its sixth edition, is one of the top-selling screenwriting books in the world. Over 300,000 copies have been sold.


6. I evaluate your script in 14 different areas: story structure, foreshadowing and unity, action and conflict, heart and emotional impact, characterization, character development and motivation, dialogue, theme, narrative description, formatting, believability, originality, title, and concept and commercial appeal.


7. Each full script evaluation comes with a one-on-one story conference with me. That telephone story conference allows you to follow up on the written evaluation and get the answers you need to revise and sell your script. If you are overseas, an emailed story conference can be substituted for the telephone conference.


Query Letter Evaluation

To sell your script, you need a concise, focused, and hard-hitting query or one-sheet that provokes a response.


A Written Pitch
Your query letter or one-sheet is your prime "break-in" tool and you should spend a lot of time crafting it. Agents and producers will not read your work until they have first read your written pitch or heard your oral pitch. Now you can get my thorough evaluation of your one-page query or one-sheet, my assessment of its marketing potential, and my recommendations for its revision.


How to get your query evaluated
Submit your one-page query letter or one-sheet to me via ISA. Include the specific purpose of your query letter or one-sheet. Example: Get an editor to give me a "go-ahead," or get an agent to ask for my script or book proposal. Include any other relevant information. Fee: $115. Turn around: 2-3 weeks.


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Dave Trottier

DAVE TROTTIER has sold or optioned ten screenplays (three produced) and helped hundreds of writers break into the writing business.  He is an award-winning teacher and in-demand script consultant, author of The Screenwriter’s Bible, and friendly host of