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A Script to Screen Adventure


Most services tell you how to fix your script so production companies will option/buy it, and naturally they claim they know exactly what production folks want in the first place.?Really? First of all, different companies want different things. Some have no idea what they really want until they see it. Most don't accept unsolicited scripts at all. A reputable agent might help but try getting one.

What you need is an honest chance:

-a few brief notes on your story and characters
-a strategy to move your story out of your house and into the playground where films are made

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Mr. Travis wrote an award-winning short story in the 6th grade and it went to his head... Still fancying himself a writer all these years later, Travis has added producing and directing to his modest skills. The result is a long list of TV series originating mostly in Toronto as well as a PBS doc. He's recently moved his offices and family to Detroit and works with his production partners in Dallas. Phil is writing/producing a feature thriller JOON, a series of family features for TV based on his mom's BEN & ZACK books, and a reality show, WRECKIN' DETROIT

FULL IMDB listings area available only through IMDB PRO. Here are some selections:

 -Scripting: A special television series of films based on the books by Lucille Travis: Captured by a Spy, Red Headed Orphan, Thief from Five Points,  Union Army Black, Railroad Fever

-Oakland/Macomb SWAT team, writer/director, a special film for a national educational presentation
-Family Life International, writer/director for a 7-part series
-Message in a Bottle-  made for TV movie (script commissioned, written)
-Joon, a feature thriller set in North Korea, screenwriter
The Last Place on Earth, a PBS documentary  (Producer, writer), broadcast  nationally April, 2013
-The Mission Producer/Director. A reality-tv series. 13 episodes shot on location?in Honduras, USA, Dominican Republic, Iraq, Rwanda, Mexico, Brazil, and Canada. Broadcast in the US and Canada, under distribution license with Quadra Films, Paris
Under-A-Minute Guides to the World. Grand Prize Winner, NextGen Festival, Los Angeles
-JVC commercial spots, concepts for series.                                                                           -Commercial spot for Concert for George Harrison?-Commercial spot for Cher compilation album?-Commercial spot for A Chicago Christmas (the rock group)?-Commercial Spot for Yes Group?
-Home Education Director/Senior Editor, Writer. A one-hour special on Homeschooling,?shot on location in Memphis, TN. (2007)
Greek National Tourist Board. Writer and video editor for half-hour promotional video.
-Inner Peace Television Network. All Promotions and Channel Launch
The Blind Pig, a feature script set in Detroit under consideration by Nick Anderson
-Hank, a feature script. Finalist Beverly Hills Film Festival, Author Feldman Award for Excellence in Writing, Official selection Queens International Film Festival, Cynosure, and CWA.
OTHER TV SERIES  (SELECTION)?-Supermarket Sweeps, writer 25 episodes of supermarket game show, Broadcast 1993-97.
-Visual Productions - Writer, co-producer Adventures in Evergreen Forest, pilot for a?series.?Award winning show-Best New Children's Series- Broadcast
-Hollywood Camera, Screenwriter/Offline editor A 130-episode series on movie stars and?directors from?the 30's through the 70's.
-Challenge, Screenwriter/Editor. A documentary series about testing one's physical and?mental limits through challenging adventures.
-Brownstone Kids, Associate Producer, screenwriter. A 78-episode children's series with aunique educational focus, carried in Canada by YTV and broadcast worldwide. Broadcast?1991-95, in re-runs.
-Sea to Sea. Writer/ offline editor. A series on dramatic life experiences. Northern?Quest productions. Broadcast 1998.
-Tribute, screenwriter. A 26-episode series on Hollywood's greatest legends. Broadcast?1991.
Kid's Canada. Writer, director. A television series for children. Pilot completed.
-Rights vs. Reality. Writer, Director, on-line supervisor for video on children's?rights- part of the United Nations World Summit on children's issues.
-Save the Children Writer, Director, on-line supervisor for a 10-minute video promoting?Save the Children, worldwide.
Jager-Tembec Writer/director/producer national promotional video for one of the world’s?largest forestry & building systems corporations.
Panasonic. Writer, offline editor for promotional series on the Panasonic Toughbooks.
The Fairlane Group Writer/producer for a video-based website.
-The Power of One Writer and offline editor for a Tricon (PepsiCo) special video?presentation?on the promotional tie-in with George Lucas's Episode One. 1999.
-Drive to Win, writer driver-training/attitude film for new drivers; with Scott Goodyear?and Ted Woolyshyn; for Insurance Bureau of Canada.
-Direct-TV. Writer, offline editor for Cinram, V.I.C., Bel Air co-production, launching?national VHS advertising campaign.
-KFC-Taco Bell Corporate Video 1997.
-Baka-Bell Canada, a half-hour infomercial on cellular phones, for Arctic Jungle Films?
 Bayou IFF, Best Pilot, “The Mission”
NexGen  Grand Prize for “Under a Minute”
ProCan Gold for “Evergreen Forest”
Beverly Hills IFF. Finalist, “Hank.”
AOF IFF, Excellence in Writing for “Hank”
California Film Awards, platinum for "Blind Pig"
NATPE (National Association of Television Programming Executives)?IDA (International Documentary Association) 
National Writer's Association
American Screenwriters Association