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Film production and distribution with mentorship


What you will get when you order our service:

1. Production of high-quality short film or proof of concept film based on your screenplay.

2.Distribution of the film for royalties/residuals.

3.Full screenplay consultation, rewrite and amentorship for 6 months.

River Rose Productions ( and Reno Tahoe Graphics ( specialize in the production of high-quality short and proof of concept (PoC) films based on your screenplay or novel. Each production packet comes with a trailer, IMDb credits and distribution deal (Amazon Prime etc) for you to earn royalties. Both production packets also include consultation and script rewrite service with a Hollywood-produced screenwriter for 6 months.

Having a PoC or short film and IMDb credits when you pitch your screenplay to producers gives it the extra creditability it needs.

No other company offers this. Stop spending money on screenwriting contests and use it to actually bring your script on the screen.

Initial consultation includes development notes and production-ready short script based on your feature/TV pilot screenplay -- $100 (will be credited toward any production packet).

Production packet 1 includes 5-minute live-action short plus 30-60 sec trailer and starts at $6500*

Production packet 2 includes 10-minute live-action short plus 30-60 sec trailer and starts at $8500*

*Please note that these prices are an estimate for contained, limited-location and limited-character films. Some changes to your screenplay might be needed to produce it within your budget range. Order the initial consultation first to get detailed development notes on your screenplay and we will work with you to create a 5-10 minute short/PoCbased on your feature or TV-pilot script.

We do not produce animation films.

CONTACT US TODAY and let's make your dream as a screenwriter become reality.

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No Virtue is in post-production, Check for updates here:

Mj Palo

MJ is an award-winning screenwriter and director best known for her feature film Baby Money and international short film Mommy's Pickles available in Amazon Prime. MJ's short film Dog's Life was an award winner at the Cheap Thrills film fest in 2019 and her tv series No Virtue is currently in post-production. 

Here are some samples of our work:

Short horror released via Amazon Prime:

Short comedy (rough cut):

TV series trailer: