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HOLLYWOODSCRIPT.COM/ Script Consults/Works in Progress

SERVICE DESCRIPTION was launched over 15 years ago by industry professional and WGA member, Craig Kellem who has worked as a development executive at both Universal and 20th Century Fox, served as a SNL staff member and also as an agent. Craig was also a film producer ("The Rutles”) and Executive producer (both Network and Syndication). He has also taught screenwriting at several colleges and weekend workshops. A couple years after he started the company, he was joined by his daughter, Judy, who in time became partner in this family-based, two person boutique business. Judy has lived and worked in various regions and capacities from Namibia, Africa, where she was part of a health care program to Bologna, Italy where she ran a language school. But her true love has always been working with writers. Subsequent to general industry experience (including research, story packaging and administrative work at Universal Studios, DreamWorks and Entertainment Weekly Magazine) she received her Masters in English and Creative Writing from City College of New York and found her vocation at

Craig and Judy provide various services to writers, from deep consultations, to ongoing development work for projects that are just getting started or that are in full swing but need support. They actively consult with writers the world over, from Hollywood professionals to new writers just starting out. All forms of material are welcome - screenplays, TV pilots/ episodes, treatments, manuscripts - and marketing support is also provided by way of help with query letters, synopses, and participation in their bi-monthly contest that is included for free when clients engage for a script consultation.

The focus of these services is to find ways to significantly improve clients’ material and help to get their voices out to the world.

From Craig:

I'm very aware that your script must catch the elusive interest of an agent or producer whose kneejerk reaction to almost everything is "NO." Thus, I scrutinize every inch of your material. During the consultation period, it becomes the center of my professional attention. Once your material has been completely absorbed, we'll talk and I'll give you my overview. Bottom line-- does the story work or not? If not, it's must be remedied. The story is the framework that supports everything! Are there some nice surprises in the script? Audiences love and expect to be surprised. If not, how can these unexpected twists and turns be strengthened or created? Are the characters rich and effective, and do they "track?" Is there a sense of a theme? (ie: is it about something?) Do your subplots work? Does the script suffer from clutter, bulk or "misunderstoods?"

Besides the "macro" issues, I also provide careful "page notes” (the marked up script will be returned to you after we talk on the phone or by Skype). I cover everything, the works! And I make specific suggestions on how to fix and improve things.

I consult on lots of pro scripts. The projects that make it have a common denominator--the scripts are tight, no fat, they make sense, you get it! When the reader starts saying to himself/herself, "I don't understand this," or "Where did that come from?"--guess who gets the blame? You'd be surprised how many scripts are tossed aside because of unnecessary oversights and errors.

Please know that the analysis I give is not some academic diatribe, designed to overwhelm and confuse you. It's deeply practical. It's bottom-line. You will hear it loud and clear. And I don't dictate, I consult.

Finally, I work with scripts that are fully completed, almost done and everything in between.

As corny as it may sound, I love working with writers and feel a deep responsibility towards those who find the courage to transpose their burning ideas into something "alive" and tangible. I make a joyful living carefully examining your precious work and, even more carefully, doling out expert (and usually much needed) feedback. Most of my clients are really happy with my work. (They almost always send me their revisions and subsequent scripts).

From Judy:

Working with writers feels like a true calling and I sincerely love what I do. It is an honor to be invited into the intimate pages of someone’s imagination and to be trusted in the process of making those pages as strong as they can possibly be. My job is to fully understand what you are writing about, really “get” your vision, and provide detailed feedback aimed at helping you realize your artistic intention. If your aim is to be commercial, I give suggestions accordingly. If your agenda is to break all the rules, I follow your lead. Either way, my loyalty is to your project and pushing the material to its absolute highest potential. I am on your side and there is no judgement regarding content. There is only the consideration of what creative choices are and are not working, why certain aspects are undermining the power of your words and how to thoroughly fix the problems that present themselves. We take as much time as needed to get it right and ready for submission, production or just the satisfaction that the piece is done.

General Information

Most writers with a new project are pumped. They're convinced that their script is ready to be grabbed up. It rarely is-they often need CRITICAL work. It's hard (for many writers) to see this for themselves. Honest, professional feedback without risk is usually a very wise move. Why go through the (usually) agonizing process of writing a script, finally have someone important lined up to read it and not have it right? Better to treat yourself to this valuable help. It will not only enhance your current project but it will also provide important insights for future projects.

We charge a fair and reasonable fee and our turnaround time is always prompt. Services include exhaustive and copious notes - macro notes are given in an unhurried phone consultation or summery email, and micro page/line notes are written directly on your pages. Your marked script it returned to you after the phone conference or summary email has been sent. After a consultation, you're always welcome to call (within reason) with follow up questions at no charge. If you want us to read and analyze your revision, we will do it for our discounted, revision fee.

Our services include:
Script Consultation: $227.50 for a first read of a properly formatted script, 12pt font; $207.50 for revisions.
Book Consultations: $495 for books that are up to 250 pages, double-spaced, 12pt font.
Works in Progress: $295 for 5 Hours of support via eMails, phone, etc. for writers in need of help in developing ideas into material.
On occasion we do Coverage ($165 for screenplays) and WRITING SERVICES (cost varies).

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Craig Kellem

Judy Kellem

Judy Kellem has her B.A. from Bryn Mawr College and Masters in Creative Writing from the City University of New York in Manhattan. She's published pieces in such book collections as READING ROOM/3 and NOW WRITE! SCREENWRITING, has worked for Universal Studios, DreamWorks, APA and Entertainment Weekly Magazine.  


She has been a partner with her father in the script consultation company for over a decade.


Judy has lived and worked in various regions and capacities: In Namibia, Africa, as part of a health care program; in Lexington, Mississippi as part of a civil rights organization; in Los Angeles, California, as part of both a crisis shelter for runaways and a TV Network research team; in Bologna, Italy, directing a language school and teaching English as a Second Language.