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How Movies Work - Consultant Peter Russell


What We Offer....

1 Hour Script Consult 

Price:  $250 

Benefits of This Service 

  • -       Smart, sharp feedback that really helps you
  • -       Inspiring, motivating next steps
  • -       Clarify how to make your project sell

 What you get:  Peter Russell will read your script and evaluate its strengths and weaknesses in terms of storytelling and marketability.  He will then go over his notes with you for 1 hour.  During that time, you can ask questions, work on story improvements or just listen.  The session is recorded for your future reference.


In-Depth Studio Quality Script Coverage

Price:  $500


  • -       Detailed review of your script with studio-quality written feedback
  • -       Story doctoring recommendations to make your script shine
  • -       Perfect for producers who have a project they need to polish


What you get:  Peter Russell will read and cover your script as if he were working for one of his studio clients.  Understand how well your story is told and how clearly your characters are portrayed.  You’ll get studio quality written recommendations on how to develop the project further.  In addition to these written notes, you get a 1 hour consultation to go over the notes. 


1-on-1 Writing Coaching: From Zero to Outline

Price:  8 Sessions for $495


  • -       Learn the Essentials of Great Storytelling and the Rules of Your Genre
  • -       Apply Your Knowledge Immediately to Write a Character-Driven Outline
  • -       Get Weekly Motivation and Inspiration to Keep You On Track

We’ll guarantee you’ll have a finished outline of your story in just 8 weeks, or we keep working with you until you do.  This gives you the foundations of great writing while showing you how to implement your ideas.  It’s the perfect class if you need motivation and guidance to stay on track.  Compassionate and inspiring writing coaching.


1-on-1 Writing Coaching: From Outline to Finished Script

Price:  8 Sessions for $495


  • -       Learn how to write and finish your script quickly
  • -       Learn how to write scenes with strong characterizations and dialogue
  • -       Get weekly motivation, deadlines and inspiration to keep you on track.


We’ll work with you to give you personalized deadlines and assignments to move you from your outline into a complete script.  You get 8 weeks of coaching, plus 4 more weeks to finish your draft, after which we read your script and give you guidance for your next rewrite.  You’ll feel motivated and energized by the process.

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