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Office Hours

Get one-on-one personal help on whatever you need immediate feedback on.  Stuck on your  synopsis or logline?  Need help with your Pitch Deck?  Not sure how to network, or send queries? Need to prep for that upcoming meeting or create a general outreach strategy?  Wanna talk the biz or ask general advice on screenwriting or film/TV industry? Were here for you!  

*If you would like help on your pitch, please sign up for a Pitch Practice Session. 

Schedule a 30-minute phone or zoom call with Sr. Manager of Events & Writer Relations, Shayna Weber. Her experience as a screenwriter, producer and general hustler has led her to successfully network, land meetings and pitch to some of the biggest companies in the business.  

You will receive a confirmation email after payment, to schedule your session.  


Shayna Weber is a screenwriter, producer and director originally from Bend, Oregon.  Shayna started out working in casting and talent management before diving into a career as a producer, during the rise of unscripted television, where she developed, produced and directed a number of projects.  Her roster of shows includes: “So You Think You Can Dance,” “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” “Weakest Link,” VH1’s “Band’s Reunited,” “Brew Dogs,” “She’s Got The Look,” Disney’s “Code 9,” and the Miss Universe Pageants.  She has worked for NBC, Fox, Disney, MTV, VH1, Travel Channel, Discovery and Bravo. Shayna also produced the award-winning, horror/comedy, Lunch Ladies, and directed, A Very Important Film, both of which have received distribution.  Shayna and her partner, Clarissa Jacobson, under their Rebel Minx banner have multiple projects in development, have and are pitching high level production companies and streamers and have created pitch decks for all their projects. 


*Disclaimer:  This conversation is confidential but will be recorded. You may also record the session, but you may not post or share any part of the recording or audio on any social media platforms or websites. Neither Shayna Weber nor the ISA hold any connection to your projects or any ideas discussed, although if Shayna or the ISA has a similar project in development, we will do our best to let you know, but are not responsible for similar ideas in the present or future. All advice is that of Shayna Weber and based on her experience and education. Neither Shayna Weber nor the ISA have all the answers. We are also not responsible for your success or failure.   No refunds or rescheduling. 

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Shayna Weber

Shayna Weber is a screenwriter, producer and director who came on board ISA after starting a family and making the transition out of reality television and into film, recently producing Lunch Ladies, an award-winning short film and directing her first short film, VIF.

Previously, Shayna worked as a producer of reality programming for network, cable and online channels for the hit shows, So You Think You Can Dance, RuPaul's Drag Race, Weakest Link and VH1’s Bands Reunited, among others.

She is part of TwinBridges Screenwriting Salon. 


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