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Jimmy Matlosz: Best possible way to make your film


With over 25 years of experience Jimmy Matlosz, worked his way up from Production Assistant in VFX and 1st AC to become a working Cinematographer, Camera Operator, Director and Writer. His experience spans, Super 8 to Imax, Hi-8 to 65mm Digital, Alexa, Red, Varicam and so on.  He has shot over 250 commercials, Directed close to 100, Shot 10 or more short films,  including the first ever student IMAX film, 'The Princess and the Pea' and One feature film on 35mm Panavision.  He has acted as Producer, Writer, Director and Cinematographer on many of these projects.  Jimmy has been the Chairman of the prestigeous Emerging Cinematographers Awards for over 12 years, The ECA's year after year screen some of the best short films you may ever see in a festival of any kind.

Jimmy has written numerous articles, from equipment reviews, to interviews with famous cinematographers, Op Ed and educational pieces.  His entry into the Visual Effects Society handbook can be found in the Library of Congress.  
In 2016 Jimmy Wrote, Directed, Shot, Produced and Edited, The Online Date, Finishing in 4k 5.1, which inspired the Screenplay 'Life on Earth'

Jimmy has successfully completed 3 screenplays, and is currently working on several more.  


Drop me an email should you have any questions, I am happy to break the ice with a simple question or 2.  

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Note: On this page, I will refer to the director, writer or producer as "filmmaker."

  1. I will advise the filmmaker on how to make their film.
  2. Decide which project to make, if they are debating different ones.
  3. Help with budgeting and planning, including locations, crew, casting and equipment.
  4. I will advise the filmmaker to feel comfortable collaborating with and choosing a Cinematographer, Art Director, and Actors, as well as editors and sound.
  5. I will educate the filmmaker on how to plan a shoot, properly with confidence and ease, based upon the material chosen.
  6. I will not only advise and educate, I will continue to guide the filmmaker through the process, once they have committed to making the project.
  7. I can refer filmmakers to professionals, who will help them make and finish their project.
  8. I will advise the filmmaker on the future of their project, festivals and distribution.

I am also available to work with the filmmaker in a greater capacity, whether it be as cinematographer, producer or just consultant on a job by job basis.

I look forward to helping filmmakers make amazing films that change their lives in the best way possible.