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No Budget Movie Company - Development for Your Script


Is your script finished and ready for the next BIG steps? Are you ready to make a movie? That's where we come in with our Development Package services!

We ask that your script is properly formatted and in Final Draft Software. Cost for our services is $3,000 (This is a special price for ISA members) and can be paid in two installments.

This is what our development package entails:

Phase I:

  • Assist in developing a "one sheet"
  • Assist in finding development funds
  • Create a development budget.
  • Identify third parties that can be attached to the Project to further development.
  • Assist in creating an LLC (in FL) for this project moving forward.
  • Help in obtaining a professional, seasoned screenwriter to review your script.

Phase II:

  • Full Script Breakdown for production
  • Develop a production schedule
  • Prepare a production budget
  • Research information for Project Prospectus
  • Assist in preparation of Business Plan
  • Assist with the development of a co-production agreement, distribution agreement, executive producer agreement and director's agreement for Project.

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No Budget Movie Co

. We have a development service that gives you a fully itemized budget, full schedule, and an in depth DEVELOPMENT PLAN along with business plan specifically for investors in order to help get the film fully financed.

With our team's vast understanding of the film marketplace and financing in general, we've had films/clients that have gone on to be not only fully financed, but also attached A list actors. In addition, our own films have played at festivals such as Sundance and received solid distribution deals.

Here's a quick breakdown of our services in a 60 second video followed by some bullet points...

1. SCHEDULE - Our team will break down your screenplay (characters, locations, props, set decorations, etc.) and then input it in Movie Magic scheduling. We will then create a preliminary schedule to get you total shoot days, day out of days for actors, etc. Upon request, please specify what you'll need aside from the basic schedule (no maximum requests, as long as Movie Magic offers it). All of this is included in the Development Package.

2. BUDGET - Our team will use this schedule to create a professional feature film budget on the Movie Magic Software. This includes above the line, below the line, and post production budgets; all in keeping with whatever unions fees you'll need to abide by; which depend on budget amount, union laws, geographic location
of the film shoot, etc. All fringes, union fees, and healthcare costs will be included in the budget.

3. BUSINESS PLAN - Approximately twenty pages, this important document lays out the entire business strategy that you'll need to attract investors. Here is what we'll cover...
• Executive Summary - A brief description of your project, why it will succeed in the marketplace, and how much you'll need from investors.

• Logline/Synopsis - A brief blurb about your film, followed by polished one-page synopsis of your film.

• Character Descriptions/Potential Cast - We'll work with sales agents and the filmmakers (you) to help come up with a cast that fits with your character descriptions, as well as research on actors' agents and other forms of representation.

• The Team - We will put together a list of all filmmakers and key crew you have attached to the film and lay out their accolades.

• Brief Schedule - A schedule of your development phase, production, post-production, and premiere.

• Location - Here we will lay out the location(s) you plan on shooting and their tax credit or tax rebate incentives.

• State of the industry - A one page description of the current state of the film industry and how it pertains to the potential creative and financial success of your film.

• Marketing Plan - An in depth breakdown of your market strategy. Target audiences, marketing quadrants, SWOT analysis, foreign sales, advertising and many other crucial marketing elements will be examined.

• Sales and Distribution Execution - A breakdown of the sales process. Here we will formulate a plan to get you the right sales agent (listed with examples that pertain to your market strategy) to help get you an MG, identify festivals you should target premieres towards, and find distribution companies you will target with your sales agent.

• Comparables - A list of films (in the past 4 years) that are similar to your film in budget as well as theme, cast, marketability, etc. We will include their budget and total revenue as well as the distributor that bought their film.

• Waterfall effect - An analysis of how the finances will come into the hands of the investors. We'll discuss MGs, sales agent commission, distribution waterfall effect, points, and splits between the investors and production companies involved.

*Please note we are not responsible for concept art, movie posters, and graphic design, but will provide you with industry professionals who can get the job done on your budget.

4. INVESTMENT STRATEGY - With these tools, you'll be able to simply email anyone you know who may be interested in investing in the film (small or large amount) with the attached materials we created. Finding investors can be intimidating, but we can help you get set up with an investor list, investment strategies, and other creative methods that have a proven success rate towards getting money attached to your movie.