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Pitching Essentials Online Class


Are you a screenwriter, TV writer, or filmmaker in one of the following categories?

  • You’re having meetings, but need to pitch better to make the sale.
  • You are looking for a manager or an agent.
  • You have an idea, but aren’t sure how to pitch it.
  • You experience anxiety when pitching in certain situations.
  • You benefit from a step-by-step process and structured timeline.
  • You are looking to attach talent or get financing for a project.

This class is astep-by-stepprocess that teaches you what you need in manageable chunks, and builds logically from one week to the next.

Each Monday, you’ll receive a video lecture to introduce you to an important technique. Then, you’ll receive a lesson each day and supplemental materials to complement the lessons. On Friday, you’ll receive a pitching assignment.

The daily lessons are designed for people who have busy schedules. Each lesson can be completed in about fifteen minutes and you can work at your own pace.

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Would your career benefit if you got better at pitching?  Do you know what to say when you're asked, "So, what's your project about?"


Join the Pitching Essentials online class (April 22-May 20, 2013).  You'll learn to develop a great short pitch, deliver it with confidence, and present yourself like an experienced professional. 

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Stephanie Palmer

Stephanie Palmer helps creative people learn to pitch and sell their projects.  She is the author of the book Good in a Room and has been featured on The Today Show, Early Show, National Public Radio and in the Los Angeles Times. 


Previously, Stephanie was the Director of Creative Affairs for MGM where she heard over 3000 pitches.  She shares the secrets of successful film and TV pitches on her blog:

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Good in a Room

I am a former MGM Director of Creative Affairs and graduate of Carnegie Mellon's Theatrical Directing program. I've heard (literally) thousands of pitches, and using my experience as both a creative and an executive, I consult for writers, directors, and producers to help them pitch and sell their projects.


I have helped many creative professionals sell spec scripts, secure financing for independent films, set up TV shows with networks, and advance their careers.

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