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Script Masters - Master Your Screenplay with Joanna Ke


“I previously received notes from two very experienced, produced, professional screenwriters, who have placed highly in the Nicholl Fellowship and Page Awards, and your coverage was easily more thorough, understandable, and valuable. Now that I’ve seen the high quality of analysis you give, I recommend your services enthusiastically.”

-Brian McLaughlin, Emerald Elephant Entertainment, Writer/Producer


With over 10 years of experience in the industry, Joanna first received her training as a script reader with a literary management company - reading everything from drama and horror to comedies, pilots, specs and shorts to be able to identify screenplays ready for production and find strong screenwriters based on an understanding of the core elements of a successful script. Since then, she has read for producers, major studios and screenwriters, helping to find the screenplays ready to be produced and to polish the stories writers have written.

Unlike other story analysts, Joanna’s experience as an actor helps her have a keen eye for character and dialogue while her own experience as a writer helps her understand the creative process when consulting on a script. As a screenwriter, she studied with the late, great Syd Field. Joanna is known for her ability to masterfully analyze screenplays, articulate objectively what’s working and what’s not and help writers move into feeling confident in how to specifically improve their work.


  • Apprentice - One Page Analysis* - Exactly as it sounds, a one page story analysis of the strengths of your screenplay and what needs polishing to help strengthen it, plus development suggestions to help you move forward with a rewrite.
  • Expert - Detailed Studio Style Notes* - An in-depth analysis delving into ten specific aspects of your screenplay (such as character, pacing, dialogue, tone, etc) to evaluate how your script fares in each area and personalized development suggestions for your screenplay.
  • Rookie - First 10 Eval - Don't have a full screenplay yet? Not sure if you're grabbing the audience in the crucial first 10 ages? Perfect for writers that have a hard time getting what they envision in their head on to the page. An evaluation of the first 10 pages of your screenplay. In a one-on-one phone consultation, you'll get personalized advice and discover why your screenplay may not be coming across as you intend it - before you write the full script! If you have any doubts, this is the service for you so you can get clear direction and answers. It's also the service for you if you want to see how effective that crucial first 10 pages is.

*Complimentary follow up phone consultation is included after you receive your notes!

From Joanna:
“I have always had a passion for the visual story. I have an innate understanding of story structure and attention to detail. That, combined with having worked with producers, screenwriters, and literary management as a script reader, has given me the tools to be able to help you polish your screenplay and get past the ‘gatekeeper’ by identifying your script’s strengths and weaknesses.

I want to help you tell the stories you want to share with the world!"

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"My concern in paying for coverage is I’m hoping I’ll receive equivalent value from the analyst’s feedback.  My particularly concerns, based on coverage that friends have shown me for their screenplays-in-progress, is that I might not get the honest, critical analysis that would point out weaknesses in the script.   For me, coverage means finding a person who, knowing nothing about me or my story, can give me a professional analysis of what needs to be addressed.  That requires an analyst with an experienced eye, a good grasp of story structure, and a feel for character development.  Still it’s a risk – you don’t know who or what you’re going to get when you seek coverage from various online sites.  I certainly don’t want to pay for false flattery.  That’s of no help.  Joanna Ke is transparent – one can view her work in the film industry, as well as learn about her script reading background.  She also offers sample coverage upon request.  Reading her sample coverage allowed me to evaluate her analytical ability.  I’m pleased to report that she provided me with excellent feedback on an early draft of my screenplay – she pointed out my story’s strengths and weaknesses and offered suggestions for how to   approach making improvements in the story’s structure.  I now know exactly what needs to be remedied and I’m off and running."

-Phyllis MacBryde, Writer/Producer




"Our company came to rely on Joanna’s ancillary expertise and commitment in identifying and honing worthy material and in building relationships with our clients. She is adept at cycling between tones and focuses depending on the context and needs of a particular project, and her acting background gives her uncommon insight into executing impactful character arcs and singular dialogue on the page. Her taste and acumen are exceptional, and with her work ethic and cogent analytical writing skills, Joanna would be an asset to any story department or private client in need of consultation."
- Cameron Cubbison, Co-Founder of ScreenCraft




"Overall your open and honest remarks about the screenplay were great.  The best thing about paying for coverage versus having your friends and family read it, is the reader will usually give more pointed feedback.  Your feedback was better than some I have received from The Blacklist on another script.  They went a little too easy on the draft I submitted. I will recommend you to my friends and tell them you give solid feedback in a fast turn around time.  I would tell them not to wait until draft 4 or 5 to have you take a look at it.  Your prices are reasonable and it is well worth having you go over it and give feedback on how things are going.  I think some people wait too long to share their work with strangers - but you are very professional and I know they would be in good hands."

-Michael Brown, Freedom Fighter Studios, Writer




“Joanna is a very thorough and professional script consultant and we highly recommend her. She has covered two of our full length scripts and will be covering our next one very shortly. She gave each of our scripts a personalized development plan that covered our story, structure, characters, dialogue, pace, conflict, budget and marketability. She is always spot on! Joanna's services are indispensable to us.”

-Elizabeta Vidovic and Kathryn Michelle, Producers and Screenwriters of Almost Normal Productions




“Joanna is a fantastic analyst! She helped me see problems in my script that I couldn't find after rereading it for months. She also gave me confidence in the stronger areas. She's lovely to work with, a very caring, genuine person. One of her strengths is working with character voices and motivations. She knows when dialogue sounds natural and when it sounds flat. Plus, she gave me some great suggestions to work with."

-Ilana Strauss, Screenwriter




"We cannot recommend Joanna highly enough. Her opinion is one we know we can trust with our most important projects. Her work ethic is strong, her heart is in this, and she would be a tremendous asset to anyone seeking assistance in film or television."

-Greg Gertmenian, Founder of Spec Scout