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ScriptXpert Screenplay and Television Coverage


"I found ScriptXpert Development Notes invaluable. The professionally written synopsis was worth the money alone but the real value were the specific comments about the plot, structure, pacing, characters, dialogue, and writing skills. It was like a one-on-one course. The readers knowledge, insight, and understanding helped me write a better story, a better screenplay. I will definitely use ScriptXpert again." - Jerry


Typing "FADE OUT" is just the beginning of your script's journey in the Industry. The first stop after you submit to a production company or studio is Coverage, an analysis and rating of your script by a professional reader who's been trained to spot exactly what Agents, Managers, Producers and content buyers are looking for in a screenplay.


Next up are Development Notes, which is an extensive report with detailed information on concept, structure, pacing, dialogue and more. It also includes feedback and recommendations for improving the script and making it more marketable.


Since you only get one chance at a first impression, it’s vital to run your script by an expert who’s worked in the Industry for years as one of these eagle-eyed pros. Get your own Industry-standard Screenplay Coverage and Development Notes from our seasoned Studio Readers to make sure your script is ready to make the Hollywood rounds.


Our ScriptXpert service is a Screenplay Coverage and Development Notes offering that helps you develop your project from a rough draft into a polished screenplay, or gives you feedback on a script you’re ready to send out to the industry. Our Studio Readers are experienced professionals who know what agents, managers and producers look for in a screenplay.


When you choose our Coverage and Development Notes Services, you’ll see our 30+ years’ experience in every detail. Plus, The Writers Store is the largest Coverage and Development Notes provider in the Industry, serving aspiring, professional and studio writers.


We use readers currently working in the Industry, and provide reports that mirror the same process currently occurring in the studio ranks. Plus, we’ve built trusted relationships with some of Hollywood’s top production companies who read our “recommends” and take meetings based on our feedback.

Choose from our Standard Coverage and Extended Coverage services, based on your individual needs.


If your Standard Coverage or Extended Coverage receives a double recommend from our reading department, with your permission, your coverage will be sent to these companies:


Schuller Entertainment Group
Fortress Features
Stevens & Associates
8790 Pictures, Inc
Donyea Newsome 
Intrigue Entertainment
Kopelson Entertainment
Envision Media Arts
Dobre Films
Cousin Pete Productions and Management
777 Entertainment Group


"As a professional screenwriter, I rarely, if ever, receive the kind of extensive feedback offered in these notes. The detail and scrutiny are well appreciated. I also teach graduate level screenwriting, and in the past, have not known how to respond when students have asked about submitting their work for this kind of critique. I will now feel confident in sharing my very positive experience and will not be reticent in suggesting that your service may prove very helpful."–Jeanne Rosenberg  (Screenwriter, The Black Stallion, White Fang)


Standard Coverage

Standard Coverage includes a one-page graded score sheet that evaluates the major elements of your screenplay on a scale of Excellent, Good, Fair or Poor. In addition, your Studio Reader will provide you with two to three pages of notes about why an Industry reader would or would not recommend your screenplay to agents, managers and producers.


Our Standard Coverage package includes:

  • An industry-standard logline
  • One-page synopsis
  • Category chart with ratings on Dialogue, Characters, Story, Conflict, Premise, Format
  • Two pages on Plot, Character and Marketability and one page of overall commentary, with a focus on why the script would or would not be recommended
  • A rating on the “Pass, Consider, or Recommend” scale

Ready to gain insight into the marketability of your Feature Film, Movie-of-the-Week or Television script, just like your script will with an in-house reader at a Hollywood studio? Book your Coverage package today and let us help you improve your odds of having your screenplay sold.


Extended Coverage: Studio Development Notes

Our Extended Coverage service includes our Standard Coverage offering and much more. With Extended Coverage, your Studio Reader delivers all of the above plus in-depth notes and suggestions regarding story and plot, structure, characters, action, dialogue and writing. Your Studio Reader will also address weakness in general writing style, formatting, plot points, dialogue, and general appeal, and propose specific suggestions for rewriting problem areas or fixing plot issues, helping you in your efforts to turn your story into a saleable screenplay.


If (or when) your script receives a recommend grade, your Studio Reader’s notes will then focus on how to polish the script and maximize its chances of success for when it gets sent out to agents, managers or producers.


With Extended Coverage, you get invaluable feedback on your Feature Film, Movie-of-the-Week or Television script, in a format that mirrors the same process occurring in the studio ranks. Plus, we have numbers of satisfied screenwriters who are more than happy to talk about their experiences with our Coverage and Development Notes services. Check out our testimonials page to see what your fellow writers have to say.


The Extended Coverage: Studio Development Notes package includes:

  • 8 pages of detailed notes on Premise, Plot Structure, Pacing, Characters, Dialogue and Marketability
  • A rating on the "Pass, Consider, or Recommend" scale
  • An Industry-standard logline
  • A one-page synopsis to use as a "leave behind" when you get that all-important pitch meeting
  • A graph-based Emotional Response chart

To really get your script in fighting shape, add one-on-one Screenwriting Coaching to your order to put the feedback you get from our Studio Readers into action. 


With this package, available to add to your cart at right, you get Extended Coverage: Studio Development Notes, then the opportunity to take these notes and your script to one of our Writing Mentors, who will go over the reader’s input with you, and help you fix your script and get it to a marketable level.


To get started simply:

  • Add this item to your cart (and the Screenwriting Coaching option or ScriptXpert Rush for a 5 day business turn around, if desired) and proceed through checkout.
  • Read the document titled “Important-Instructions-Regarding-Your-Development-Notes”, which will be presented on the Order Completion page. You may also access this document from your Order History page within your account.
  • Send your project to our team for an expert analysis.
  • This process typically takes our team 10 to 14 business days to complete your notes

Additional fee for submissions greater than 140pgs will be applied. Contact us at for more details



All employees of The Writers Store, Inc. have signed a stringent and comprehensive non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement. You can rest assured that your material and conversations will not be shared with anyone.


As an additional measure of protection for both you and your Studio Reader, we highly recommend registering your work with The Writers Guild of America and/or the U.S. Copyright office.

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