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ScriptXpert TV Pilot Kit Development Notes


With our TV Pilot Kit Development Notes, you get written feedback from an expert on your completed TV Pilot Kit. Your Scriptwriting Mentor will review your work, and offer up detailed analysis on your proposal’s viability, which is that the delicate balance of set-up, payoff, and ongoing plot lines and character arcs.

Your Scriptwriting Mentor will also ensure you’ve fully understood each question from the TV Pilot Kit, and why each element you’ve answered is essential for creating a television series with the ability to sustain for years to come. Every element is covered in depth, from initial idea to the character web, to pinning down the first season arc and even thinking about the entire series’ arc.

Plus, since viewers (and therefore, producers) care about the characters most of all, you’ll receive useable advice for creating interesting and identifiable characters an audience will look forward to checking in with week after week.

Make sure your TV Pilot Kit is on track and ready to submit. Book your TV Pilot Kit Development Notes Now!

To get started simply:

  • Add this item to your cart and proceed through checkout.
  • Read the document titled “Important-Instructions-Regarding-Your-TV-Pilot-Kit-Development-Notes”, which will be presented on the Order Completion page. You may also access this document from yourOrder Historypage within your account.
  • Send your project to our team for an expert analysis.


All employees of The Writers Store, Inc. have signed a stringent and comprehensive non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement. You can rest assured that your material and conversations will not be shared with anyone.

As an additional measure of protection for both you and the reader we highly recommend registering your work with The Writers Guild of America and/or the U.S. Copyright office.

If you have any questions, please call a Story Specialist at 800 272-8927.

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