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Selling Your Screenplay Script Analysis Service


Studio Reader Script Analysis: All our readers have years of experience working for studios, production companies, agents, managers and contests. These readers are the gatekeepers of the industry and you will need to impress them with your writing to get to the decision makers.

The readers will provide 2-3 pages of detailed notes about the strengths and weaknesses of your screenplay, how to improve it, and potential ideas to fix key problems. All scripts are evaluated on the basis of six key criteria, including concept, characters, structure, marketability, tone, and craft. All scripts will be given an overall grade of Pass, Consider, or Recommend.

We offer the script analysis service for both feature film scripts and television scripts. We also offer proofreading - That comes without any analysis.

Turnaround time is usually around one week, sometimes more but usually less.

You're not going to find high quality notes like this at this price anywhere.

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Various Consultants

Ashley Meyers

I’m a produced screenwriter and have optioned and sold many scripts over the last few years.

I recently sold a film noir screenplay, Rushlights. It stars Josh Henderson, Beau Bridges, Aidan Quinn, and Haley Webb  (

My martial arts action screenplay, Ninja Apocalypse, was recently produced. It stars Ernie Reyes Jr. (
Before that I sold Man Overboard, a broad comedy screenplay. It’s currently in rotation on cable television and can be found in video stores across the country including Netflix and (

A few years ago my script Reunion was produced on a shoestring budget but still received much critical acclaim (

And my comedy screenplay Dish Dogs, starring Sean Astin, Matthew Lillard, Shannon Elizabeth, and Brian Dennehy was sold and produced a few years ago, too (

My website,, has synopses for many of my other screenplays. 

Selling Your Screenplay

Selling Your Screenplay offers a variety of prodcuts and services to help screenwriters market their material better. We publish a weekly podcast that includes interviews with top screenwriters, directors, and producers.