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Story Into Screenplay


Do you have an idea, story or concept you want to turn into a screenplay?


Have you read all the books, listened to all the lectures, watched all the videos, and still don't know where to start?


Are you frustrated that no one is listening to your needs as a writer?


At Story Into Screenplay, we focus on delivering one-on-one consultations to writers at all levels of experience.


We can guide you through the process of creating memorable characters that producers will want to read, actors will want to portray, and audiences will want to see.


We can teach you how to place those characters into stories that have both the structure producers understand and the excitement that audiences crave.


We can show you how to combat "writer's block" by developing a scene-by-scene outline, where each scene contains powerful emotions, strong conflicts and unstoppable momentum from one scene to the next.

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So you've done extensive research on the science, technology, culture and history behind your screenplay.
You've written lengthy biographies, family histories and backstories for every major character.
You've nailed down every clothing fashion, word choice and social dynamic in your story.
Why should anybody care?
Check out the latest entry from Story Into Screenplay to learn more about how your concept fits in with your characters, conflict and catalyst for your story.

Gerald Hanks

Gerald Hanks has written several award-winning short films from such festivals as the Houston International Film Festival, the Texas Shorts festival, and the West Coast International Film Festival.
His feature comedy script, "Scaredy Cat", made the finals of the National Lampoon Comedy Gold Screenwriting contest.
His feature drama script, "Prodigal", won the Kairos Prize for Spiritually Uplifiting Screenplays.
Gerald has been a screenwriting judge for various contests, as well as providing script consultations for private clients.
Gerald has also presented and modereated panels on the screenwriting process at sci-fi conventions, including Houston's Comicpalooza and Lafayette's Louisana Comic-Con.
You can find our more about Gerald's approach to screenwriting as his blog, Story Into Screenplay (


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