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Newly Invited ISA Development Slate writers win Runner-Up in Fresh Voices

Right Aroow
The half-hour comedy-drama pilot, THAT SISTER THANG, wins 2nd place in Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition. The pilot also recently placed 8th place in Emerging Screenwriters' Shoot Your Sizzle Competition. THAT SISTER THANG centers on two chalk 'n cheese South African sisters struggling to fit into weird Austin life as they must overcome the revelation that they have different mothers, one dead and one white, in order to save the thing they hold most dear - their sisterhood. THAT SISTER THANG is a fresh take on a sisterhood story featuring two very unique and original characters as lead protagonists that has beautiful elements of culture and satire, written by ISA Development Slate writers, Lindiwe Mueller-Westernhagen and Dale Winton.

That Sister Thang is Shore Script Short Film Fund Top 15 Finalist

Right Aroow
ISA Development Slate Writers, Lindiwe Mueller-Westernhagen and Dale Winton's proof of concept shorts for TV pilot, THAT SISTER THANG, is a top 15 Finalist in 2019 Short Film Fund. This makes them Top 1% that make up this year’s Finalists. "I am extremely excited to see female POC characters getting noticed," says Lindiwe.