Top 50 In Comedy, Twitter Mayhem & Gifts that Give Back - ISA Insider News

International Screenwriters' Association 24 days ago

Max & Shayna discuss the top comedy creators of the year, utter chaos at Twitter, being on the hunt for new ideas (and actually remembering them), plus finding positive gifts for the holidays.

Time Stamps:
0:00 - Intro - way to go little Max!
0:45 - Villains & loving the ‘bad guys’
2:05 - Show run-down: All the topics
2:55 - Top Story: Top 50 comedy creators in 2022
7:35 - ISA Insider: Generating & organizing new ideas
10:24 - Watching: Guilty pleasures
11:23 - Watching: Reboot
12:43 - Watching: See How They Run
14:30 - What will Elon do to Twitter?
18:00 - Good News: Holiday Gifts that Give Back


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