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Call For Scripts for ISA Development Slate

Paid Gig
Due to the high demand of our industry professionals and a specific set of requests from production companies and producers, the ISA Development Slate is looking for your scripts, however PLEASE read the below carefully before submitting your materials.

*Please note disclaimer: even though this Writing Gig states "DeferrPay" in terms of compensation, this is merely to inform you that the ISA is NOT looking to purchase your screenplay. We are seeking scripts to refer to our industry contacts who, in turn, may or may not offer you compensatin at a later date. The ISA does not nor will not own or maintain any legal rights to your material.

We are looking for exciting "Contained Thrillers" and "Grounded Sci-Fi” feature scripts for Producer and Industry submission (we are not looking for television at this time). The projects must be original, fresh, unique, AND have a proven track record with high placement and or contest wins (track record list must be included in the submission process - the document in which you include your logline). We will not accept first draft submissions or pitch ideas - the screenplay must be completed and have a recent track record of high praise from industry contests.

Please note the definition of a “Contained Thriller” or “Grounded Sci-Fi” project: rooted in reality, contained thrillers and grounded sci-fi projects are normally easy to grasp in terms of audience understanding and expectation, as well as a small amount of overall locations. We are NOT looking for the next Star Wars, Star Trek, or even Independence Day or a high-budget political thriller. Think, simplicity along the lines of a ‘Nightcrawler’, 'Get Out', or ‘Moon’. Even an 'Ex Machina’ or possibly the Amy Adams starrer, 'Arrival'.

The first round of selection will be squarely focused on reviewing your project's logline and contest successes, therefore a fully-developed, and well-written logline is required as well as, again, your list of contest achievements. Upon submitting your work, there is no guarantee that a representative will get back to you. We will reach out if we wish to discuss the script and your writing further as the writer may be considered for the ISA Development Slate at a later date. We will have the writer sign a formal release that states the ISA does not and will not own the rights to your material, as well as state that the writer is granting us permission to refer the project and writer to industry professionals (i.e. managers, producers, production companies).

Thank you and good luck.

--ISA Develoment Team

**Please do not submit any genre other than what is requested, and do not only submit a one-page pitch document. We are accepting a logline and a finished feature screenplay only. If these materials are not included, your submission will be ignored.