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Junior Writers for International TV Series

Paid Gig

We are looking for junior writers to form part of a team of international scriptwriters to aid them in the groundwork for the development of a pilot episode for a TV Series.  The posts would require the writers to help the team with research material for the story and the development of the script itself. The Producers are based in Malta (Europe) and the scriptwriters are based mainly in the UK and the USA.


This is a unique opportunity to work with people from around the globe, with the chance of joining the team for the entire TV Series production, coming together on the beautiful Island of Malta. The team of Junior writers will have to collaborate with the writers for 1 month (October 2014) during which the Pilot will be written.


Interested applicants should be available during the month of October 2014 and reqiure a good possession of the English Language, are interested in researching Myths and Legends, and most importantly be good team players.