Writing Gigs

Looking for Contained Action, Thriller, Sci-Fi or Family Features

Paid Gig
We are an independent production company that has an ultra low budget SAG feature opportunity and we’re looking for the right script. Finished, ready-to-go scripts only, please! We’re looking for self contained thrillers or action scripts that would be doable on an ultra low budget. We’re open to Sci-Fi stories as long as they can be executed in a contained location.  A family action/adventure or a Christmas story could also work. In general: Few locations and a smaller cast would be ideal. No period pieces, dramas, romance, or comedies.

For now, only contact us with a logline and a synopsis. If interested, we will contact you for the script.  Please, ONLY contact us through the ISA site.  Any attempts at direct contact will not be honored.