Writing Gigs

Original Unproduced scripts or novels Wanted for Option/Sale

Paid Gig

We are looking to Option or Buy original scripts or novels that have not been produced or won any writing contests.

We are a new production company working with numerous film industry contacts in the US and UK.  Also, we have investors interested in working with us on new projects we present.

Your work can be from ANY GENRE as long as we feel it is of interest.

Should we wish to OPTION your work, we will pay $500 for a 3-year option agreement with an additional 3% offer on the backend. Otherwise, we will BUY your work outright for $1,500.

Key Facts

  • We are not using a WGA agreement, so this may appeal more to non WGA writers.
  • We do accept work that is not in English, provided it is still 100% original.
  • You don't need to be in NY/LA - submit to us regardless of your location.  
  • BUDGET:  Our preference is for films that can be made on a production budget under $1million. However, don’t let that stop you from submitting a great script.  Bear in mind, however, that the larger the production budget your script demands, the more unlikely it is that it would be a good fit for us.
  • ALL GENRES accepted.  If your work is a novel/book, we will take it upon ourselves to adapt it to a screenplay.
  • AUDIENCE TARGET- we are looking for pieces that target mainstream audiences.  
This is a great chance for aspiring writers to be noticed.  We want to provide an environment where any writer can experience success and have their story reach a mass audience!