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Christina weds Jay (Jatinder Singh)

The road to Happily ever after takes hilarious and unexpected turns as two cultures collide in a celebration of music and dance. Will love be enough for a modern day couple when traditional family values from the east and the west threaten to pull them apart?

Bollywood Wedding - Yes - Dance, drama and comedy... A collision/confrontation of two cultures. Christina a beautiful white girl and Jay an Indian Sikh wth Indian values and family dramas... maybe a similar flavor to 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding'

We just finished a TEMPTATIONS (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJq6P_9UIBg) and another bold film in post now - AFREEN (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Norg622RPag). 

*The Director who was invited for the Oscars and has done many projects, including the 2 mentioned above and has a clear idea of the proposed film 'Bollywood Wedding' to be shot soon and is looking to work with a writer who could work along his vision.

We would like you to get back to us with a small note/pitch - ideally not more than a page or 2.

-- PLEASE do NOT send your earlier scripts - ONLY apply with a PITCH

THANKS and we are looking forward to hear from amazing talent on this site,