Writing Gigs

Script Readers Needed

We are a young, international production company based in London. We are constantly script hunting and receiving screenplays from screenwriter competition finalists, Writers Guild of America, the UK and Canada.


We are looking for a self motivated script reader who could help us make a preselection in scripts that will end up on the producer's desk. You will be able to leave feed back starting from your feeling about the script up to plot and talent suggestions for it.


Since we are producing our first feature we will not be able to pay any salary but this is a wonderful opportunity to learn from world class writers and possibly get a paid freelance job after we have finished our first feature film project and looking for the next one.


The work can be done at your home by the computer with an internet connection. There are no deadlines or commitments besides confidentiality. Should any travelling to our offices or meetings be required, the expenses will be covered.